Q: (From a man): I think chicks with six-packs look like dudes and most guys I know agree – why do girls want this look if it isn’t sexy?

A: Whether or not really cut abs are hot on a woman is a very personal question and I imagine we’ll find some very vehement men (and women) on both sides of the issue. But to answer your question, girls do a lot of things that guys don’t think are sexy because it’s not always about “looking sexy”. There’s something very powerful about feeling and looking really strong. The second factor is that a flat non-muscular stomach is only achieved by starving (or the aforementioned awesome genes) but a flat muscular stomach is something you can get and still eat – when they both look the same under clothes wouldn’t you take the one that lets you eat? I’ll admit that when I first started working out, I aspired to the flat-yet-undefined stomach look that pre-pubescents pull off so well but as I’ve gotten older and more into fitness my perception of what is beautiful has changed quite a bit. These days I’d be thrilled if my stomach had some definition to it.

Your turn! What is your favorite ab move? How do you feel about cut abs on a woman – hot or scary? How often do you do abs?

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