Q: Can I just slice off the extra skin off my abs with a pizza cutter?

A: Um, ew! Did you really just ask me that?!

Q: Will I ever get my pre-pregnancy stomach back?

A: Nothing is ever the same after having kids – not your wallet, not your house and especially not your stomach. That said, some women snap back like a rubber band and have nary a stretch mark for a souvenir. I feel bad for them, my stomach is like the best-stamped passport in baby land. Seriously though, you can get your stomach in good shape after having kids – the Tupler Technique is a great tool for healing any diastisis (the separation between your ab muscles during pregnancy) you may still have. And as for the little things like lose skin or stretch marks or that weird hood over your bellybutton that you can’t get rid of? Wear them with pride. You grew an entire human being – fingernails and everything! – and your body is amazing.

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