We’ve all seen or heard of them before. Those fitness commercials claiming that they can have you looking like a model or bodybuilder in 30 days or less with their unique and special workout program. Most of us see those and laugh … 30 days … please! You’ve been working out for 30 months and still can’t lose that stubborn roll or sculpt those abs, no program can get your body right in such a short amount of time right? Wrong! While those tv commercials may not be the real deal, there are some out there that are.

Seven weeks ago Franchesca Ramsey decided she wanted change for her body, or to be more specific she wanted “arms, abs and ass.” At 5′ 10, 141lbs and a size 12, it’s not like Franchesca was bad on the eyes, but she knew her body could be better. Enter personal trainer Robert Brace and his 28 Day Challenge program. Robert challenged Franchesca to give his method a try. If she would commit to intense workouts for 35-40 mins a day, 4 days a week for 7 weeks, he promised that he could transform her body and she would look like a brand new person. Franchesca agreed and the challenge was on!

She documented her journey over the 7 weeks on Youtube and shared her thoughts, successes and struggles with the process. By the end of the challenge Franchesca had gone from a size 12 to a size 4 and the “arms, abs and ass” she wanted were perfectly toned and sculpted! She was so impressed with the results that she is even considering signing up for a fitness competition.

To celebrate her success Robert set her and a friend up with a photoshoot to document her amazing post challenge body. Franchesca had to admit that in the past she thought that working out was supposed to be easy and fun, but realized through the challenge that it is definitely hard work, but the gain was well worth the pain. Just goes to prove that there are no shortcuts to a healthy body, and even 28 days are enough to make a change that can last a lifetime.

What do you think of Franchesca’s results? Would you sign up for the 28 day challenge?

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  1. I’m kinda annoyed at the before picture. You know they could have found clothes that fit her but they instead chose to give her a muffin top? It’s not like it’s super hard to find workout clothes that fit a size 12!

    • @Pandacat: Heh, that’s a common practice for weight-loss and exercise programs. Not denying Francesca’s results, but it does everyone a disservice when the before pictures are deliberately uglied, and the after are professionally shot and probably touched up.

      As for me, I’m just trying to get up enough mental fortitude to try Insanity!

      • @Gigi Young: I’m doing Insanity now. Word to the wise: It’s so much rougher on your knees than you can ever imagine. When they say check with your doctor, they aren’t just telling you to dodge liability-they mean it for a reason. It’s tough! But if you can stick with it, you will start to see results. I’ve only been doing it three weeks and my thighs have stopped rubbing together. I know that seems like a small feat but I’m really proud 🙂

    • @Pandacat: actually, no one dressed me for my before photos, i was just wearing my normal gym clothes. the only difference is I had a tank top on and had to take it off for the photos. with a tank on my clothes looked fine, no muffin top visible lol there wasn’t any manipulation used to “make me look bad” or put me in clothes that didn’t fit. that’s just how my body looked in my gym clothes!

      • You were really a 12 at 5’10 and 141 lbs? I am the same height and have been 140 before and was a 5/6 at best(since at that height you are actually close to underweight by some medical standards, though I don’t listen to them), I stay between 119 and 125 now. Curious, what was your bodyfat percentage before? Was that the biggest contributor to your size? You look FAB by the way! @franchesca:

        • @JT Anderson: thanks! but 5’10” and 141 lbs isn’t underweight. that’s a BMI of 20.2 which is perfectly normal. remember, everyone carries their weight differently. the way your body is shaped is completely different from mine and vice versa. i’ve always had thin arms and a bony chest, but carried my weight in my waistline. i’m not sure why people keep telling me i wasn’t a 12, but i was 😛

          i think my body weight was in the mid to late 20’s. in my experience body weight calculators aren’t really the most reliable. i always get a different measurement every time

        • @JT Anderson: good point. I’m 5’4 and 165lbs and i’m a 8/10…so these are strange stats to me.

          • @jules: Agreed. I’m 5’6″ 135lbs and I wear a size 6 and a 4 in dresses. It would help if we knew the before and after body measurements. Her body is BANGING, though! Clothing sizes vary too much..

          • Antoinette Ingram

            Hi Fran I just wanted to say I hear you on your weight is different because I am 5 “10 and i weigh 155 lbs I really want to work out but I have a rod and screws from 3 back surgeries that left me with scare tissue on my stomach that gives me a little knot look I am scared that I may have another injury but i really need to get my body back in shape

  2. I forgot to add that I love this Tumblr: http://beforeandafterweightlosspics.tumblr.com/

    Much more realistic pictures.

  3. Great job on the body toning!! It’s not an easy task, and I commend her. I am wondering though, how this can claim to be a 28 day fitness routine? Because she worked out 4 days a week for 7 weeks? 7 weeks are 49 days. I’m sure the other 3 days during the week weren’t spent vegging out on the couch. She transformed her body in 49 days. And that’s nothing to huff at, it’s still incredibly impressive. I just prefer honesty — it helps keep expectations realistic.

    • @bebe: In her video she says that only the days on which you actually do the program count toward the 28 days. So she worked out 28 days within 7 weeks.

    • @bebe: my intent isn’t to be dishonest. The program is called the 28 day challenge because it’s 28 workout days, not 49 workout days. I explain that in every video, there’s no deception there.

  4. um.. she was never “flab” to begin with! the pants she has on creates a muffin top because that’s what elastic waistbands do.. -_-

  5. ok im just now reading the article.. SHE IS NOT A SIZE 12!!! wth? in children’s clothes maybe? i’m confused as hell. if she’s a size 12 and her thighs don’t even touch together then i muts be a size 30 then! i’m a size 7 and my thighs are way bigger than hers! wtf

    • @chanela: Yes, she is a size 12. And she (rightly so) doesn’t like it when people question her integrity: http://tinyurl.com/6r9cyrc

      • @Yonnie: i didnt mean to question her integrity.lol i’m just stumped on how she is a size 12 with wayyy smaller thighs than mine. mine start forest fires ever 3 steps yet i’m a 7/8/9. she’s a lucky gal! i wish my weight went to the right places. ::sigh::

        • @chanela: I think that has to do with the media (and also the way manufacturers treat labels. I’m a 14 at the Limited but a 12 at Ann Taylor) conditioning us to believe 12 or 14 can’t be “normal” or is considered “fat”, even when it really isn’t.

    • @chanela: shes 5’10!!!!! how is that impossible that shes a 12. she was a fit size 12 now shes a TONED 4.
      . and im happy to see her on here explaining whats going on instead of people trying to point out whats wrong, instead of praising whats right. no matter what she looks good.

      get it girl!

    • @chanela: not to mention a size 11 foot….( i think)

  6. The article didn’t mentioned that she also changed her eating habits and ran six days a week in preparation for a marathon. You guys should look at the video blogs she posted about her progress.

    • @Mousson: That’s why we provide links to her video blogs for you or anyone else who is interested. They’re the words in red.

      • Thank you for stating the obvious. My comment was directed at the other commenters who may not have had a chance to view the videos before posting a reply. I followed her progress and saw the hard work she put into that program.

  7. Ah, isn’t she the woman that did the viral video “S#%t White People Say To Black People”????

  8. Why so much negativity. Could it be possible that she actually did the work, and it worked?

    I did the DVD, just the DVD, no extra running. I travel for a living, so I eat my share of junk. The only thing I changed in my diet was no Soda and cut bread as much as possible. I don’t look like a body builder, but I lost 10 pounds and have a 6 pack for the first time in my life. A month later, with no real exercise, I still got most of the definition. Total honesty, it works. It ain’t easy, but it works.

    I challenge any of you try it, and if it doesn’t work, then talk smack, but dang… Have a little faith in humanity people!

    • @Derek: It’s not negativity (at least in my case), but genuine skepticism over another fitness program promising certain results–and using typical fitness program ad techniques (i.e. the before and after photos). I think that if Frugivore had posted Franchesca Ramsey’s videos and blog posts as she placed them online, most of us wouldn’t be so hesitant to just say “wow! How amazing!”. You don’t see anyone attacking Erika Nicole Kendall, or any other person who blogs about their weight loss and fitness journeys because they take us through it, usually without any program or diet given to them by whomever created it. Like I said, I don’t doubt Ramsey’s results, but this is too much like promo for the PT’s new program, as opposed to Ramsey already being known for her weight loss/fitness journey and regularly blogging here at Frugivore.

      • @Gigi Young: there’s nothing wrong with being skeptical. but the article pretty clearly links to the series of videos i posted which include photos each week and what i was eating along with my weekly workouts.

        • @franchesca: My skepticism has zero to do with your results and everything to do with how this was portrayed on the site. Just popping up with it, and it’s a program that was given to you for free with the obvious hope of promoting it with your platform, just seems a little infomercial to me. It’s that slippery slope between promotion and personal blogging, IMO.

    • Is this my friend Derek from ‘the House’ and Tech? If so, you don’t lie, so I believe this is real! I saw your pics! You look great!

  9. I love everything about her. She is soooo funny. I guess I’m admitting I have a crush. Congrats on weight loss although she looked good before.

  10. The funniest aspect of this challenge is her before and after pictures. Why does she look mad in the before picture, like her life sucked being slightly overweight, if she is even overweight, which is debatable. Hilarious. AND they clearly greased her up with Crisco in the after pic. Life is great all of a sudden. LOL. she looks good regardless. I’m glad to see black women leading the way in healthy living

    • @Pattie: My before picture was taken after my first workout so I was exhausted. Before photos never look happy. I’ve never considered myself overweight or fat, Nor did i “hate my life”. I wasn’t trying to make an upset face, it’s just my neutral face without any expression. Finally, if you watch the video you can see footage of me at the shoot and I’m not covered in grease, it’s just a professional fitness shoot with really good lighting.

      Thank you Fruitivore for posting! Please excuse typos, replying from my phone lol

  11. She’s a piece no doubt but it doesn’t look like she lost weight. Creative photoshop

  12. @franchesca- wonderful job on your progress. Some people will continue to be skeptical and negative. Those people are also scarfing down chips wondering why they don’t have an amazing body like yours! Beginning an intense workout is never easy.

    What were your thoughts on the workout after the first couple of days? Skepticism, excitement, pure exhaustion?
    When did you start to see and feel the difference in your body?

    Thanks again for posting pics and sharing your story.

    • @TJ: it’s no joke. it’s incredibly hard to push yourself to workout 4 days a week and eat clean every meal. i posted weekly videos about the program on my YouTube channel if you’re interested in how I felt about it from beginning to end youtube.com/chescavlogs

  13. Another quick fix. Great. Just what overweight people need. Another diet. Let’s wait and see what she looks like 6 months when the holiday foods roll around. Where will her video be then. Frugivore is this a advertorial? It’s called Full Disclosure

    • @Skeptic: Yes…Overweight people need a diet! This is not a quick fix.

      Laxatives, Master Cleanse, stravation those are quick fixed…..Proper Diet and Exercise is not….

      Can we see your pictures, diet and exercise tips please?

  14. Franchesca, you look amazing! This is motivation for me to get toned as well. Thanks for sharing this story Frugivore! :o)

  15. Great job and tremendous dedication! Surprised at all the hate, but I guess people feel insecure knowing that they have no excuses for being flabby and untoned when you can really transform your body in a relatively short period of time. It just takes dedication. i have also done short intense programs like this to whip myself back to shape, and it’s amazing what the human body is capable of with some dedication. Congrats on the new body chica!

  16. i’m 5’10” and 150 lbs and I wear a 4/6. She was a size 2 before and is still a size 2 just ripped. why they got to lie? We can see the difference.

  17. Congratulations on your success. Hard work and discipline will always pay. My sister lost nearly 150lbs and recently entered her first fitness competition, she placed 2nd. I am so proud of her. I am inspired to get healthier myself. No illusions though, I saw how dedicated she was never missing a workout, and sticking to her diet plan. Please don’t allow the negative comments to affect your drive. Those who doubt your results may not have the level of discipline it takes to reach your level of success. I say all of that to say, go ahead and join that fitness competition. You can do it!

  18. I found this article really great and motivating. So glad it was posted!

    Congrats Franchesca!

  19. Sign me up!! Although I am currently a size 4, I want abs like Franchesca!

  20. wow sorry but she does not look like a 12 in that before picture.

  21. Franchesca Ramsey is so dang fine no matter what!!!

  22. There is no way that before picture is a size 12, she looks like maybe a size 4 in the before picture and still a size 4 with a much firmer body. Im 5, 2″ and 135 (size 6)

  23. I believe she usbeing truthful. I am 5″9 and at 160 i wore a size 12. However, short waist people wear pants lower so we compensate in numbers to adjust fit of pants to sit lower. I know because i have a seamstress who makes my adjustments for me. She’s right 12 looks different on different people. If i were shorter ot had a longer waist my pant size number would be smaller. Great work Sis!

  24. Let’s free ourselves from this size thing.
    Clothing size doesn’t matter because clothing size is “vanity sizing”.
    Who cares if she was or wasn’t a size 12 in her before photo.

    Clothing sizing created by manufacturers is a lie.

    Have you noticed that this exists only (or mostly) in women’s clothing?
    When a pair of pants is sized for a man it is always a two-digit number. That number is the measurement of his waist. There is no debate whether he is a 28 or 42; just take out a tape measure and confirm.

    As @XM pointed out you can be very different sizes in different brands. I can be a size 10 at the Gap then find out I am be a size 14 at H&M and when I go to Club Monaco not only does their 10 not fit me they don’t carry anything over size 12 (which happens not fit me).
    There is no consistency unless you only where the same brand of clothes or brands that use the same type of fit model.

    It is not Franchesca’s honesty that needs to be questioned here. Question the honesty in the sizing of the clothes we purchase.

    I mean really; whoever created size double zero (00) was insulting our intelligence. Think about it, you are arguing what a size 12 looks like and there are people proudly wearing 0 and 00. If the existence of 0 and 00 sizes that doesn’t prove the clothing sizing makes no sense well.. i just don’t know what else to say.

    Google “vanity size 00” or “clothing size doesn’t matter” or fit model or fitting model

    I know that there are people who will staunchly hold on to being whatever size they cling to and with you the clothing industry has won but you others, please let go of the size and make friends with the tape measure. If it fits and looks good it truly doesn’t matter what number is on the label.

    Read here how professional clothing stylist always use a tape measure.

    P.S. If I had one criticism for Franchesca, which pains me to do because I LOVE her work, it would be that in future instead of giving a dress size maybe providing body measurements for before and after would be more useful.

  25. Hi Francesca, The transformation is great!!! Could you give me some tips?

  26. Hi there, I’d be very interested in learning about your 28 day challenge program.

  27. Sorry, but there is no way I am buying she was a 12 @ 141 lbs! Lol….lies. I am 5’10 and my smallest ever in life was 135 lbs and I am at my biggest now which is 185. When I was around 140, I was a size Zero! Now, at 185 I am a size 12. And yeah, I understand that people carry their weight in different places but I don’t want to hear that. Someone is lying to trump up the results which is unfortunate. I too am an apple shape, I hold my weight in my breasts and mid section. Even to this day when I tell people my weight, they swear I am lying. That’s the advantage that height gives you in regards to weight gain I guess (also wearing clothes that compliment my shape and not accentuate the problem areas) but I gauran-damn-tee you that this chick was nobody’s size 12 standing @ 5’10 and 141lbs. Sell that to someone else those who don’t know any better.

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