If you’ve began workout regimens more than once and struggled to stick with them, you aren’t alone. If you have fantasized about the day when you would be 20lbs lighter, but are still not seeing those results you may have started doubting yourself. Guess what, you aren’t alone. If you’ve have begun to incorporate fatty foods and sweets back into your diet, it’s possible you may begin to ask yourself, “can I really can lose weight?” But guess what?

You certainly aren’t alone.

But before you throw in the towel and decide that the number on the scale is going to be that number for the rest of your life, here are a few things to try.

  1. Watch your favorite actor or actress in an action flick – Nothing gets me more amped to hit the gym or run 3 miles around the track than seeing my favorite actor or actresses’ body in the shape of a lifetime. Oh, and nine times out of ten your favorite actor or actress is probably twice your age, but looks better than someone 10 years younger than you!
  2. Think Small – If your goal is to lose 70 pounds by the end of the summer, stop looking at the big picture. Readjust your habits, think small and focus on one pound at a time.
  3. Let go of the “failure” mentality – You are not a failure and you mustn’t beat yourself up like one. Acknowledge that you have taken the steps to implement a program that will be better for you in the future. Stop thinking, “I can’t do this,” or “I don’t have time,” and start thinking about what you will do AFTER you’ve done it. Positive thoughts lead to positive results.
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