In a past Frugivore post, we tackled the issue of overdosing on water.

But it seems more skeptics are popping up on the horizon. Just recently a study done in an issue of Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health, decided to examine our water intake. The study, done by Spero Tsindos at LaTrobe University believes that water is used more as a fashion statement rather than a necessity, claiming that years ago people weren’t walking around carrying water bottles.

Or it could be because a lot of people are thirsty all the time, but I digress.

Tsindos also believed that the amount of water we drink to aid in our weightloss challenges may prove to be excessive.

“Drinking large amounts of water does not alone cause weight loss. A low-calorie diet is also required,” he shares. “Research has also revealed that water in food eaten has a greater benefit in weight reduction than avoiding foods altogether. We should be telling people that beverages like tea and coffee contribute to a person’s fluid needs and despite their caffeine content, do not lead to dehydration. We need to maintain fluid balance and should drink water, but also consider fluid in unprocessed fruits and vegetables and juices.”

What do you think Frugivores? Can you drink too much water?


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