Plate slide outs: Using a gliding disc or plastic plates on carpet or a rag on a wood floor, place one hand on the floor and the other on the plate. Assume a push-up position. Lower down slowly while sliding your hand on the disc out to the side. As you push back up, contract your chest to pull the plate back in to the starting position. You can work up to using plates under both hands. Warning: these are brutal!

So tell me honestly: does the whole weightlifting-boobs conversation bug you? What’s your fave chest exercise? Any advice to help Kristin out (or correct me)??

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  1. Good advice!! No offense to Kelly either, but I don’t want square boobs :-/ I think figuring out a regimen the keeps you toned and muscular, but still feminine can be tough. It’s trial and error.

  2. I’m not particularly interested in the topic of the article, but I just had to comment about how funny you are! I’m going to look for more articles by you now; you’ve made me smile and that’s my favorite exercise.

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