With summer fast approaching there’s no doubt you’ll be enjoying all the warm weather lounging by a pool, at the beach or at a backyard BBQ. But before you settle in for some tasty treats you think will help keep your swimsuit body in tact, know that there are a few summery foods that seem like good-for-you options that aren’t as guiltless as they appear.

Check out these three summer treats in disguise.

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  1. Isn’t the Shady Booke farms reg ground Turkey 93% lean meat, with 8 grams a fat per serving.
    Not to mention the even leaner choice of ground turkey they offer at a slightly higher cost that is 99% lean meat with both choices being ALOT easier to digest than beef.
    Read labels is what I say when in doubt

  2. I have always been somewhat skeptical of turkey ever since the multiple instances of salmonella poisoning last year. Turkey seems better than red meat but I’d rather stay with fish this summer. Lemonade is must for the summer, just not with Kool-Aide levels of sugar 🙂

  3. Turkey burgers? REALLY? Jeez. I’ve never had a black bean burger…sounds interesante.

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