We see them everywhere we go. Men and women who have worked hard to get and maintain the bodies we would love to have. Their flat stomachs, rock hard abs, chiseled arms and toned legs fill us with both a touch of envy and tons of motivation. They push us to keep going to the gym and eating right so we can achieve similar results for ourselves, they are our guide. But do you ever tell them?

For whatever reason many of us find it hard to compliment other men and women on their bodies. We won’t tell them we think they look great, or ask them for some of their healthy living tips, instead we watch from afar and keep the thoughts to ourselves.

But why?

I have to admit that I’m guilty of being stingy with my compliments. I just feel a bit weird telling a stranger that I think their hot, I know if someone random walked up to me with a compliment and asking for tips I would feel a bit put off, so I imagine it would be the same for them.

On the flipside I feel giving or receiving a compliment from someone would actually be empowering and motivating for both people involved. To know that you inspired someone to continue on their weight loss journey or gave them praise for all the hard work they put in is a great feeling and we shouldn’t be ashamed or fearful of it at all. It only feels strange to compliment each other because it’s not something that’s done often.

Now I’m not saying that I’m going to run through the streets complimenting every person I see, but if I see someone that strikes a chord with me I might just try to step out of my comfort zone and pay them a compliment. Hopefully they won’t be offended and will simply pay it forward. Besides, who doesn’t like getting a compliment!

Do You Compliment Other Women And Men’s Bodies?

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  1. is that person in the pic a dude or a lady, im cant figure it out.

  2. Yes I do! Cause I wanna copy what they did to get results.

  3. Giving a compliment and following up with question regarding the persons weight training routine or diet
    is the best approach.

  4. When a woman appears to be very fit it is quite the accomplishment, usually. Men tend to have better results with body fat loss in general if they are eating healthy and are training consistently. Of corse there are genetic exceptions to this rule ( people that “look” fit and slim) but after 30 or so it reveals itself. If there is a moment I always compliment and i ask about training and diet. No ill intensions with enthusiastic compliments. 🙂

  5. I definitely compliment other ppl. I love fit bodies…(in a non-sexual way.) Since I am a personal trainer, I am always looking at ppl’s bodies and evaluating them. Yes, ppl are always looking!

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