Religious beliefs, meat vs vegetarian debates, and general dislike of the pig aside, how much do you like pork?

A recent study authored by Hiroaki Matsunami has set out to analyze the gene, OR7D4, which may be a contributing factor in people’s distate for pork.

Norweigian scientists and researchers at Duke University examined this gene to determine whether or not people have a natural reaction to androstenone – a chemical found in many pigs. Most people can’t readily decipher that chemical, but those who have a stronger sense of it, it can resemble the smell of of onions, urine, or even feces.


The test serves as a great indicator of odor perception in relation to people’s food choices.

23 volunteers were tested with 10 who were professional sensory profilers’, for their reactions to meet with varying levels of androstenone. The study found that people who had two copies of the OR7D4 gene tended to be more sensitive to the androstenone in the pork.

Yikes, even our natural sensors are not to be trusted.

Are you a fan of pork?


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