Bike riding is one of the most relaxing, yet challenging ways to get your workout on, but for most of us the last time we owned a bicycle we were still playing with Lego. As adults, choosing the right bike is about more than whether or not it has cool colors or streamers in the handle bars. To effectively get the most out of our bike workouts the bike needs to be fitted properly to our bodies. Check out these tips to make sure your new bike fits you like a glove.

Get Your Frame Is Right
The first step in getting the right size bike is to stand over the frame with both feet flat on the ground. A properly-sized road bike frame will give an inch or two clearance between the top tube of the frame and your crotch. If you’re buying a women’s bike without the high top tube between the seats, you can skip this tip.

Make Sure You’re Sitting Pretty
Most people think that being able to touch the ground with your feet while sitting on a bike means that the seat it well adjusted. Wrong! If you can sit on the seat and touch your feet to the ground other than on tippy-toes, your seat is too low. You want to have the bicycle seat set to a height that allows your leg to extend until it is almost completely straight when you are sitting on the seat. There should be only a slight bend to the knee when your foot is on the pedal in the bottom position. This will maximize power and minimize fatigue.

Handle Your Handle
When the handle bars on a bike are adjusted properly for your body you can ride comfortably without putting strain on your back, shoulders or wrists. It all boils down to your personal preference so be sure to test out different settings until you find the one most comfortable for you. Depending on the type of bike you’re purchasing (mountain, road, hybrid, etc), staff at your bike shop can recommend the proper fit.

Do you bike ride? How did you choose your bike?

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  1. I ride my bike every single day to school and work and noticed an overall improvement in my health and especially my stamina. My stamina shot way up. It was super rough at first but gradually my body got used to it. I got my bike at an auction. It was an old vintage 70s bike and cheap since no one wanted it. I got so many compliments on it after fixing it up, but it’s super heavy.

  2. I started biking to the gym. Although I’m a gym rat, the 1st 3 days was super hard cause I had the seat waaay to low. Now I adjusted the height (as mentioned above) and have noticed my stamina has gone up as well. Biking has made me feel alive again.

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