Ever wonder about how far you can push your body?

Well a workout that involves high intensity training may be the one for you.

High intensity training is a form of strength training that maximizes your workout. It takes into account the amount of weight and repetitions, while doing intense and quick movements to help your body produce muscle. Many bodybuilders and professional athletes use this form of training to work their body to its highest potential.

Here are some tips from highintensity.org that can help your workout run smoothly:

1. Increase the weight and reduce the repetitions with the progress of the exercise. The weights should be regulated properly so that your muscles reach full failure after 5 to 8 repetitions. Muscle failure is a particular point at which you would not be able to perform a single more repetition.

2. Enjoy the benefits of the negative parts of the exercise. This is often ignored by many people. The negative part of weight training refers to the lowering of the load. The weight should be lowered down slowly, and you need to concentrate on the muscles. The negative phase in the HIT technique is highly beneficial.

3. You should not rest for a period longer than 35 seconds. If there are long periods of rest between the sets, then intensity of the workout is reduced. As a result, the muscles do not get exhausted. This is a brief exercise, and so you cannot enjoy the luxury of resting for a long time. Intensity of the training causes concentration of blood into the particular group of muscles on which you are working. It you take rest for a longer time, then the concentration of blood will decrease. Your resting time between sets must be between 30-35 seconds.

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