Who would have ever thought that after reaching a “Climax” you could die. Apparently, that is what someone tried to convince the world of yesterday when they posted on Twitter that the “Climax” singer Usher Raymond had died in a car crash.

Responding to the hoax, Usher — whose album, Looking for Myself, is in the works — used the aforementioned social media platform to calm anxious fans and show the world he still alive.

Usher looks like he is the model of virility as he flexes and postures, showing off the fruits of his laborious workout schedule.

After looking at Usher’s relaxed facial expression and sarcastic tweets, it seems like the Grammy award winning performer is taking this hoax with a grain of salt, quelling some people’s desires to criminalize folks who put out ridiculous information on social media networks. Lighten up.

We’re just happy Usher appears to be in tip-top shape and ready to endure the long and grueling summer months full of press, tours, and parties.

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