McDonalds — the fast-food kingpin famous for their Big Macs, chicken nuggets, and tasty fries — has decided to knock down the door to include healthier options for their consumers.

They are launching the McDonald’s Nutrition Network, a new initiative
that offers non-profits in North Jersey and the New York metropolitan area 5,000 grants to fund nutrition programs.

Peter Samaha, a member of the executive board of the McDonald’s New York Tri-state Owners and Operators Association, says better options are already a prime staple in their menu.

“We’ve sold over 1 billion salads in the U.S.A. We sell as much chicken as beef. We offer so many low-calorie choices now.”

Workers behind the initiative are hoping to shed light on a more wholesome side of the fast food industry. To begin, the company will be sponsoring a registered dietitian to speak on April 28th at the YMCA of Greater Bergen County’s Healthy Kids Day event in Hackensack allowing partitioners to taste some new nutritious options.

But the fast food chain has some naysayers.

“In a way, it’s a major conflict of interest,” argues Lisa R. Young, an adjunct professor of nutrition at New York University. “They’re giving out grants to promote health, but the fast-food industry is a major contributor to the obesity problem in America. They contribute to our unhealthy society.”

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