As women, most of us tend to want to change some part of our bodies. This doesn’t mean that we have low self-esteem or don’t appreciate the bodies we have, but if we could make minor adjustments we would. In a perfect world, we would be able to transfer fat from an undesirable part of our bodies to another with the snap of a finger.

Today, we can do this with plastic surgery. I have seen medical shows where women took the fat from their stomachs and placed it in their butts, lips or cheeks. For the most part they were minor enhancements that didn’t scream, “I got plastic surgery!”

Of course exercise and a healthy diet are the best ways to get the body that you want, but a quick fix wouldn’t hurt either. I know for one that I wouldn’t mind taking fat from one area of my body and placing it somewhere else that was more pleasing.

We live in a society that stresses perfection and sexiness at the same time. The pressure is intense for women. A big butt, thick thighs, small waist, perky breasts and the list can go on and on of the various ways the media tells us we “should” look.

If you could transfer fat from one part of your body to the next, where would you move it?

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  1. OrganizedChaos

    I’d move my midsection and love handles down to my butt and thighs. Can you say DONK 😉 LOL

  2. Funny thing, i was daydreaming about this on the way in to work this morning. If I had the excess income and all other financial concerns were resolved, I would most certainly have the extra cushion around my middle and elsewhere redistributed to my rear end. Yep…definitely want that filled out!

  3. If I had the extra income I would definitely have the bit of excess fat around my back and midsection transferred to my A cup breasts to make them fuller. The most natural kind of boob job I guess lol

  4. Im amix breed with no and I mean no butt what so ever. So I would move the fat from my tummy to my butt and the fat on my arm to even out my tits.

  5. No, media wants us to look like VS models, which means skinny, small toned butt and perky breasts. Not like horses, thick girls end up bad. They may be sexy in their 20s but then their body is just one big fail. Sorry

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