Most of us can admit to being Facebook fanatics these days. Between status updates, picture- posting, and random group invites…Facebook has led us into a a social media frenzy.

But now, it may also be affecting our self-esteem too.

According to a study done by The Center for Eating Disorders at Sheppard Pratt, Facebook is making users more aware of their physical flaws, so much so that people feel that they must always be photo-ready whenever they are out.

“Nearly half of survey respondents reported feeling pressure to be ‘camera-ready’ when attending parties, as pictures from the soiree could very well end up on Facebook.”


The survey also reported that 12 percent of women reported suffering from an eating disorder, while another 8 percent were worried they may have an eating disorder.

As if a person couldn’t be anymore self-aware, technology tends to add to the already damaging outlook that many have on their bodies.

Users are encouraged to join groups promoting positive images of health and body awareness.

What do you think of Facebook? What could be better about it?

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  1. Don’t blame facebook for this. Photos of people you know in great shape should be nothing more or less than motivational. Anyone who escalates this into the realm of eating disorders has already had some deep seated issues marinating in their heads long before facebook

    • @gmarie:

      Ever heard of cybermobbing?

      It doesn´t matter how great your shape is, people will find something to nag about, to make themselves feel better in taking others down.

      FB, just like other platforms is a great space for close minded, bullying people.

      Before the internet it was the grocery shop or the weekly church meetings or whatever, depending on the age, where people talked bad about those that were not there and bullied them.

      The age of the internet just took it to a new level.

      Bullying will take many healthy, happy people to a level where they develop disorders because of the bullying, not because there was something wrong with them beforehand

  2. People will blame anyone for everything.

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