If spin class just so happens to be your favorite activity at the gym, you may want to try another class, it turns out the biking may be connected to sexual dysfunction.

Bike riding has already been linked to erectile dysfunction, but in a recent study done by Yale, soreness after riding can cause a woman to lose genital sensation.

Researchers studied the numbness among female riders. Forty-eight women took part. All who are consistent riders, cycling a minimum of 10 miles or more a week.

During the study, women used their personal bikes and were tested on whether or not they were sore, or felt tingling.

This is what they discovered:

“The position of the handlebars seemed to have the most effect. Women on bikes with handlebars positioned lower than their seats experienced more pressure in an area of soft tissue called the perineum, and had decreased sensation in the pelvic floor.

The researchers found that the lower the handlebars in relation to the saddle, the more a woman has to lean forward, forcing her to put a greater percentage of her body weight on the perineum.”

Yikes. Just as I was starting to get into spin class!

Do you find that bicycling affects your sexual prowess?

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  1. Thanks for the info. This article motivates me to keep walking.

  2. i don’t wanna do too much tmi, but it does the opposite for me. i’ve found that it’s okay when i wear the proper undergarments because the seams in the pants worn can definitely lead to soreness down there. it has happened to me. i recently road about 15 miles and didn’t have a problem.

    wasn’t there a story a couple of weeks ago about women having orgasms during exercise? one of the exercises the women did was biking. ah, love when “research” studies contradict one another.

    so, for me no.

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