Jennifer Hudson has been serving up plenty of face recently in her latest commercials for Weight Watchers.

After dropping 80lbs, she has been campaigning for the Weight Watchers brand in a major way.

Like most celebrities, she has been criticized for her weight loss continuously, with some headlines focusing on whether she lost too much weight, and others taking shots at whether or not she looks unhealthy.

Now another criticism has surfaced refueling the fire. Critics have begun wondering why she has no muscle tone, although she appears to be extremely skinny.

It’s no secret that fitness buffs insist that in order to lose weight properly, you have to eat healthy, shed fat, and build muscle mass all at the same time.

Hudson decided to make the switch to drop 80lbs, after she was originally offered the role of “Precious.” A role she turned down because she didn’t want to pack on any more pounds, as she had done with her role of Effie in “Dreamgirls.”

Do you think that Hudson, has lost weight the right way?

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  1. First of all J Hud was NEVER big enough to play Precious authentically. Please.

    The very people who criticize her for being too skinny would be dogging her out for being too fat. To thine own self be true and forget the haters.

  2. This blog is pointless. Her book “I Got This” goes into continuous detail about how she’s gone from 195 lbs. to a size 10 by eating the wrong way and NOW eating the right way as a Weight Watchers member, in addition to family members. Stop adding goofy fuel to an unnecessary fire. As a Weight Watchers member, I dropped 17 lbs. in a month and a half. Watching those points makes it extra easy to do so. You all have got to find valid content to write. If not, take the day off.

    • @Maroonsista:

      *high fives maroonsista*
      Tell it, I hate articles like this. Blk women riping other Blk women apart when they see another sister making positive changes.

      Now write an article on the basketball rachets having heart issues. That’s something to write about.

  3. Like the entry above. I clicked over to see what the fuss was about? Ms. Hudson appears in a weight watchers commercial and I wondered if the commercial is bogus given the question. Then I thought about how I suspected certain food manufactures could benefit to attack a woman of color and thus keep those who perfer to invest in the unhealthy decision to stay obese. I myself ( a man of color) wish to drop a few pounds and I recently read how my life as a pajama profit maker may work against my health. In summation loosing weight can benefit us all. I now like the way my sister describes it….its not about vanity its about “bringing her body into submission…” I like that it has a spiritual twist to it. I say Bravo, Jennifer Hudson…

  4. Many people will justify sickness all over their celeb idolization but it will always be up in the air if J HUD lost her weight the “right way” — which I agree is a problematic title. This very beautiful and talented young lady looks Skinny Fat. Any health professional understands it takes years NOT MONTHS to lose over 100 pounds with ONLY diet and exercise. She lost the weight in a matter of 8 months — her words — which means she was on the fast track towards weight loss by any means necessary. We will have to wait and see if there will be any side effects to her weight loss but we don’t have to look far to see how damaging weight loss can be, Nick Cannon ring a bell?

    • @Shawn West: I disagree that healthy weight loss of a hundred pounds may take years or longer. Most professionals state that healthy weight loss is about 1 to 2 pounds a week. There are those who see even better results with very focused eating and exercise.

  5. Maybe Hudson “lacks muscle tone” because she doesn’t want to be musclar.

    BTW, I don’t think she lacks muscle tone. Not every woman wants biceps that bulge. People need to give it up hating on the woman cause she lost a few pounds. If it ain’t the jealous 300 pounders it’s the catty 125 pounders who don’t like the new competition.

    Jennifer lost weight and the girl looks good.

    *sucks teeth and steps off pulpit*

  6. I’ve been a weight watchers member in the past and lost 25 lbs..and it was EASY so long as you stick to the program and are honest with yourself about how much you are really eating (a lot of people are NOT). I’ve noticed lot of skeptics are afraid of change, in themselves as well as others, which is why they remain unhappy instead of trying something out for themselves. it doesn’t matter why she has no muscle tone (that you can see), not everyone aspires to be a hard body. Weight watchers is a nutritional program not an athletic gym trainer. If she wants muscle tone she will hit the weights and obtain it.

  7. I’d love to see her Angela Bassett the game….she’d be extra sexy with some muscularity.

  8. I dropped 50lbs in a little over a year with Weight Watchers and the support of a personal trainer. Because J Hud is under contract, she is probably strict with her intake and her exercise regimen. I know from personal experience that my weight loss went faster when I was more strict and slower when I was less strict, like during the holidays or when traveling for work. That doesn’t mean it is unhealthy, it just means she is diligent. I also know a lot of people feel threatened and insecure when you change and look better than what they are used to. I have a lot of respect for how much work it takes to lose that weight, adjust to and maintain the new you, AND deal with all the HATERS out there who have something to say. She has done a great job of staying positive despite how silly people act just because she made some healthy changes.

  9. I think J Hud looks good, but I don’t support the weight watchers program. I think its bogus, who wants to live off of a point system? You can’t sustain that forever. Clean eating + hard work out routine = results!

  10. @Dani

    Some people need the structure and simplicity of counting PointsPlus and it works for them. I started out counting PointsPlus but now I am on the Simply Filling plan (it’s more of a intuitive eating program) and I’m down 74 lbs.

    I can eat like this for life … a lot more people than me do.

  11. I read her book and she talked about how some people are being very negative about her weightloss and blah blah but truth be told I don’t give a damn how she done it or what the people say I’m a proud of sista girl…go jen

  12. I am currently going through weight loss with a trainer and I have to admit that I do believe that JHud didn’t lose the weight in the proper way. If you look at pictures of her online, she has areas on her body where skin is loose and a pouch of skin on her lower abdomen. If she was eating properly and doing cardio along with strength training, she would be toned overall and slim. There are tons of actresses that go through weight loss and come out looking sculpted. Jhud definitely used some other method to lose the weight. The point of even mentioning this fact is to state that she may not be as healthy as she advertises on the weight watcher commercials and that can be misleading. Yes, I think she looks great, but to have to wear body shapers and clear tights consistently to keep her body looking lean in the places where she has no muscle definition defeats the purpose of losing weight in the first place.

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