Ladies, there is no reason to blame yourself solely for you and your man’s inability to help bring life into this world. A newly released study discovered that men who consumed a diet high in saturated fats produced significantly less sperm and weaker quality sperm than men who ate a balanced, whole foods diet.

Harvard Medical School in Boston studied men who donated their sperm regularly to American fertility clinics, asking them to fill out questionnaires about their lifestyle choices.

According to HuffPost Lifestyle, Men who regularly ate junk food had a 43% lower sperm count and 38% lower sperm concentration (this the number of sperm per unit volume of semen) compared to men who ate healthy.

Now, if your man was like me before I made my transition to a plant-based diet, he’‘ll be resistant to change, but he may be receptive to eliminating red meat and adding more foods rich in omega-3’s, such as fish.

During the study, researchers discovered that a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids are best at boosting sperm quality, as men who ate lot’s of fish and plant-based oils had 1.9% more correctly formed sperm than men with lower levels of omega-3 in their diet.

Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids include oily fish (sardines, tuna, mackerel, salmon), flax seeds, tofu, and leafy greens (kale, spinach, collard).

Researcher, Professor Jill Attaman said as reported by the Press Association: “The magnitude of the association is quite dramatic and provides further support for the health efforts to limit consumption of saturated fat given their relation with other health outcomes such as cardiovascular disease.”

Additionally, fertility expert Emma Cannon told HuffPost Lifestyle: “A good diet is the building blocks for good fertility in both men and women. This research, although small, is important as it encourages men as well as women to improve their general health prior to conceiving.

“In most relationships it is the woman who drives the healthy eating campaign and sometimes it is difficult to persuade their partners to improve their eating and drinking habits. I see women needlessly go through IVF because of poor semen quality, so anything that demonstrates that changing bad habits improves sperm is a good thing.”

The evidence is clear that men need to bring balance to a relationship not only with masculine energy and practicality but with a proper diet, which includes plenty of alkalizing leafy greens and fruits.

And ladies, aggressively pushing you man to change is not overstepping any manmade boundaries set for womanhood, because if he wants to cleanse himself inside you, he should feel obligated to step up his divinity by taking care of himself with a life-producing diet.


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  1. It should make sense that when you don´t nourish your body, it will try to conserve the micronutrients for more important blood,heart and brain.

    Sperm isn´t a priority,the body first and foremost preserves itself, so fertility is one of the first things that suffer from bad nutrition.

    People often put too much priority on macronutrients than micronutrients..much protein, but if you miss selen or manganese your body also suffers.

    And phytonutrients that are not vitamins(like rutin) are protective to the cells and also keep sperm alive longer
    and more active.

    This is why vitamin pills can never have a benefit as big as whole foods.

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