A new “educational” cartoon is sure to spark a good ole’ American debate over whether homosexuality is a choice or a biological trait.

The short cartoon pits a man named “Christian” (pun intended) who thinks homosexuality is a choice which can be “fixed” through several different mediums, including the controversial “Ex-Gay” therapy, a method of attaining abstinence from homosexual behaviors, lessening of homosexual temptations, strengthening their sense of masculine or feminine identity, correcting distorted styles of relating with members of the same and opposite gender.

Christian’s opposition comes from two stereotypical gay characters, George and Marta, both of whom represent “Science.” Martha’s snarky sarcasm underlies everything that is wrong with this video, but that aside, the two characters try their hardest to convince the anti-science “Christian” that he’s wrong.

Initially, the short cartoon starts off by lambasting homophobic explanations of yesteryear, from the absence of fathers and overbearing mothers as an explanation for gay men to phallic worship and men hate as the causative factors that produce lesbians.

Continuing down the ignorance train, you have “Christian,” who claims that homosexuality is unnatural in nature, which is absurd since there is evidence that many animals engage in homosexual behavior and lifestyles.

The main evidence that “Science” offers is that of Genes, Hormones, and Birth Order. According to “Science,” genes have such a factor in human behavior, up to 70% of males born with an identical twin who is gay are gay themselves.

Additionally, the chances increase of producing a male child who is gay the more males a woman has. So, according to “Science,” with every boy a woman produces, her body tries to feminize the “foreign” invader to her womb, producing antibodies and antigens that increases the chances of a gay son being born.

Here’s the video, judge for yourself:

After being presented with “Science’s” best evidence, “Christian’s” ignorance still won’t let him be convinced by the weight of huge institutions, medical research, and none other than “Science.”

Even though the video propagates itself as an unbiased research tool — which I agree with and has some plausible evidence — it almost seems like Lesbian, Gay BiSexual, Transgender propaganda; it could have been done better.

Do you think LGBT lifestyle is a choice or a biological fact of nature?

How do feel about the characterization of “Christian?” 

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  1. It’s a choice. They would love to say this is educational and put this in our public schools yet get rid of God all together from all parts of school. Just a sign of the times nothing more

    • You are right! The fact is its a choice! They will do all they can to normalized it every…..no body is entitle to make animalist behavior or imitating low forms of life.Now God is always out of it equation… Lets see how its going to end, human swine.

      • @saikou:

        If you say it is a choice, than try to choose beeing homosexual for a while and go back to heterosexual and prove that it is a choice.

        If you can choose to love someone of the same gender as you can choose to love your opposite gender, it should be easy for you to prove to all those people that it is a choice by making the switch.

    • @It’s A Choice:

      So when did choose to be heterosexual?

  2. God allows People to choose how they live their lives….who cares what the choice is? God does not. I can care less what method of justification is used. Man and woman = balance; Sun and Moon = balance up and down = balance right and left=balance. The beautiful thing about being human is the ability to make a choice.

  3. I’m with “Science.” Also, this isn’t a new cartoon. I saw it several years ago in “For the Bible Tells Me So,” so I wonder why it’s caught the attention of Frugivore today.

  4. Gay niggas whack I dont gotta watch no video to no that

  5. Homosexuality is most often the negative effect of damage to the hypothalamus/brain by ‘chemical retardation’ of a male fetus in the womb.

  6. is it a choice well depend’s on who’s doing the asking yes and no being gay is not a choice how ever homo sexuality is a pantheon of the problem the problem is this society is to involved in our sex lives and our bedroom’s who i choose to sleep with is no one’s business i am not hurting any one their fore if it’s not a problem for the potus then it’s not a problem any where else

  7. People who say homosexuality is a choice might as well be revealing their own same-sex attraction. No one who is clear about his/her own attraction would say homosexuality is a choice because someone who is attracted to one sex in particular cannot force him/herself to like someone of the sex he/she doesn’t feel attracted to.

    It is the subconscious of these people talking. They experience same-sex attraction, they repress it or try to ignore it whenever it happens and try to fixate their minds on the opposite sex. This is what makes the think that homosexuality is a choice.

    Now, religion is actually a choice. No one is born christian, you may be raised in a christian household, but you can always leave the faith and choose other faith or simply become agnostic or atheist. Sexual orientation, on the other hand, is not a choice, you have no control over who you fall in love with, your body manifests itself whenever you meet someone that moves your heart and other body parts. Sexual orientation is a trait; religion is a choice.

    In the end, this is simply a Judeo-christian prejudice that Hebrews started when the vast majority of the ancient world had no issues with same-sex attraction. It only became an issue when christians spread their religion around the world.

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