Fast-food is one of the biggest culprits in the war against obesity. Calorie packed foods in oversized portions has Americans tipping the scales at an alarming rate and it’s not just the adults that are mesmerized by junk food.

Children have been in love with the little red boxes with the golden smile a.k.a. Happy Meals for generations, and for just as long, McDonald’s has long been criticized for luring kids through the Golden Arches, towards a lifetime of unhealthy eating, using toys and clowns.

But the world’s biggest restaurant chain is ready to make a change with a new tack in its advertising for kids that will focus on the healthy side of its Happy Meals.

The new ads will feature a boy, Ferris, who learns to eat healthy food (like apple slices), presumably with the help of his local McDonald’s.

Of course despite their effort, there are those who still have harsh words for what they see as McDonald’s exploitation of impressionable children and feel that parents, not food companies, should teach children how to eat healthily.

You be the judge and check out the ad below:

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  1. Don’t know much of a makeover, hope that includes quality meat & no preservatives because my friend still has a happy meal sitting in a cupboard 4yrs & counting as an ongoing experiment. The burger or fireshas not rotted, just dehydrated. The bag is falling apart though!

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