As the 2012 Olympic Games approaches, the city of London is busy preparing to host the world. Recently, in advance of the games, Transport for London (TFL) announced that the city renamed 361 stations to celebrate some of the most prominent Olympic athletes from around the world.

The map–which includes Olympians from nearly every sport–is said to capture the spirit of the games.

TFL, London’s official information site for public transportation, said: “The map not only celebrates multiple gold medal winning athletes but also features other extraordinary athletes who may not have won an Olympic gold medal but are recognized for their abilities or in some cases, famous defeats.”

Ten black American athletes are being included in the list of honorees. They are track stars Jessie Owens and Carl Lewis; basketball stars  Sheryl Swoops, Michael Jordan, Lebron James, and Magic Johnson; boxing legends Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, and Floyd Patterson; and tennis’ Venus Williams.

Are you excited about the 2012 Olympics in London? Will you be attending?


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