Women have all heard that high repetitions with lighter weights tones muscles, but is there a more effective way to get the results you desire? A body that is toned, lean and long is the goal of so many women and they think they just want to tone their muscles, meaning they want to make them look better without making them bigger, when what they really want to do is sculpt their bodies. Here are a few tips women need to know about weight lifting.

Muscles Are Good

Having more muscle makes you look better and burns more fat than having less muscle. Now here’s the dirty little secret. Toning doesn’t build muscle! Tone can be improved by lifting weights, but it is not something that is visible to the human eye. Having your sights set on improving your muscles in a way that doesn’t give you visible results doesn’t make much sense. Body sculpting, as opposed to toning, is a much more effective way to change your body in the way that you desire. The more muscle you build, the higher your metabolism, the more calories you burn, the better you will look and feel.

Lifting Heavy Weights Doesn’t Equal Bulk

Lifting weights heavy enough to induce muscular stress will cause the body to repair the stressed tissue by rebuilding it. If the weight isn’t challenging, your muscles won’t grow. If your muscles won’t grow, they won’t look any better. Women think that lifting heavy weights will make them turn into the some grotesque body-builder-looking monster. Not to worry, ladies, it’s nearly impossible for a normal woman to achieve that bulky look unless you happen to be a genetic outlier, spending several hours a day lifting weights, and taking performance-enhancing drugs. Women do not have enough of the male hormone testosterone to get big and bulky muscles. Lift away!

Give Up The Light Weights

You have to build muscle in order to achieve your desired results and results come from hard work. Now I’m not saying go out and push yourself past the point of exhaustion every workout, but if you’re not feeling the burn after 12 to15 repetitions, then your weights are too light. Do something that will get you the best results. Sculpt your body and leave the toning on the rack with the light dumbbells.

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