Ladies have you ever climaxed while exercising? Well, a study suggests it’s possible, giving a new meaning to catching your “second wind.”

Researchers at Indiana University proved that women sometimes “coregasm,” a term that refers to the core abdominal muscle exercises, which helps women reach that moment

The study was published in a March 19 special issue of Sexual and Relationship Therapy.

According to Health Pop, in a written statement, Debby Herbenick, co-founder of the Center for Sexual Health Promotion at IU’s School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation feels this “has the potential to enhance women’s sexual lives.”

While the study is new, reports of orgasms during exercise have circulated for years, Herbenick said.

For the study, surveys were administered online to 124 women between the ages of 18 to 63 who reported having exercise-induced orgasms (EIO) and 246 women who said they had exercise-induced sexual pleasure (EISP). Most were in a relationship or married, and about 69 percent were heterosexual.

“The most common exercises associated with exercise-induced orgasm were abdominal exercises, climbing poles or ropes, biking/spinning and weight lifting,” Herbenick said. “These data are interesting because they suggest that orgasm is not necessarily a sexual event, and they may also teach us more about the bodily processes underlying women’s experiences of orgasm.”

About 40 percent of the women who had EIO or EISP episodes had done so on more than 10 occasions. One-fifth of the women could not control their experiences, and most of the EIO subjects said they felt self-consciousness when exercising in public places. Most of them said they were not fantasizing sexually or thinking about anyone they were attracted to when the orgasms happened.

While abdominal exercises most frequently triggered EIO at the rate of 51.4 percent, others reported having an orgasm when weight lifting (26.5 percent), doing yoga (20 percent), bicycling (15.8 percent), running (13.2 percent) and walking/hiking (9.6 percent).

While the study did not explain why these “coregasms” occurred or how many people in the population experience them, the authors said it only took five weeks to recruit 370 women who said they experience the phenomenon. This suggests that orgasms while exercising may be more common than you think.

Ladies, have you ever orgasmed while working out?

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  1. nope! but i’m working on it

  2. yes, i took a love thy womb yoga class and it was special. i couldn’t believe i could go there in a public space

  3. Just wow… I actually felt something lol. I was doing superman poses lifting my arms and legs to stretch my back and felt it from my core right down to there! And then I come home and read this lol.

  4. No, but I did once, when I experienced extreme fear.

  5. An orgasm, no, but an EISP (exercise-induced sexual pleasure), yes. Two exercises caused it off the top of my head. One was where you are on your knees in a “girl” push up position. You then use a bar bell in your hands to roll forward and then back towards your knees. The placement of your hands in the middle of the barbell can increase the difficulty. That’s a good ab workout with pleasure to boot. I also felt some EISP when doing assisted chin ups.

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