This just in. Beyonce is a hot momma. Yes, I know, a true shocker indeed.

But when the singer showed up at President Obama’s fundraiser looking even better then she did before she birthed little Blue Ivy Carter, fans couldn’t believe their eyes. The curvacious queen of R&B seems to have dropped all of her baby fat, nearly two months after giving birth.

Fast weightloss is not a huge deal in the entertainment industry. After all, celebrities are known for their exercise and nutritional routines that seemingly have their bodies bouncing back to rockstar status. But along with the scrutiny of their regimens, often comes the speculation of surgical enhancements and nip-tucks.

It’s no surprise that for a gal like Beyonce people are clamoring to know EXACTLY how she has dropped that weight so fast, and some of the ideas sound a bit dangerous.

Some doctors suggest that celebs might try fat grafting, a type of liposuction where fat is transfered from one part of your body to another.

According to plastic surgeon Dr. Constantino Mendieta, “Many women find that their post-pregnancy bodies are unresponsive to diet and exercise and A-list celebs who are under pressure to get their pre-pregnancy bodies back virtually overnight. I often remove fat from the abdominal region and transfer it to the buttocks to augment and return the fullness and roundness to the derriere.”

An option, he says, for women who want to get rid of stretch marks and get their stomach back to par.

Some doctors illuminate the HCG method. Human chorionic gonadotropin is a hormone a produced in the placenta of pregnant women, that combines daily injections with a low diet, another dangerous route that often can affect both the woman and child who need a certain amount of calories.

Others suggest that celebrities could breastfeed all day and night, which aids in dropping high calories quickly.

Regardless of these methods, Beyonce has always had an intense workout ethic. Not to mention, her touring and performances have always kept her in tip-top shape. The singer is now preparing for her first post baby performance in Atlantic City during Memorial weekend.

What say you? Do you think she naturally shed the pounds? Or did she have a bit of “help”?

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  1. Ugh, seriously?

    Ya’ll are writing about Beyonce like she gained 100+ pounds during her pregnancy.

    Why can’t it just be that she’s eating very well, exercising, and breastfeeding?

    All three have been proven to help women get back to their pre-pregnancy bodies.

    While women who can undergo these types of procedures, it doesn’t mean Beyonce has.


    • StopMaking Excuses

      @Melissa Danielle: It’s always a fat girl standing up for women who are bad examples of weight. Beyonce has always been a bad thinspo If it wasn’t for her touring she would be a fat hog. She eats fried chicken and glorifies it. She looks right now like she is an anorexic.

      • Robbie Garrett

        @StopMaking Excuses: That’s uncalled for. You have no idea what she looks like or what Beyonce thinks about anything.

      • @StopMaking Excuses:

        i actually know someone with a relative who has worked with beyonce. i’m told that she eats very healthy – like she’ll eat fruit practically all day long esp when she’s being photographed or for a video.

        just because she says she eats fried chicken doesn’t mean she eats it every day or even once a week. i eat french fries, but i haven’t had french fries in six months. i eat donuts, but i might only have them once or twice in a year.

        for beyonce to look the way she does esp while while touring, she has to eat very clean. it totally shows.

        • StopMaking Excuses

          @omfg: Ladies you free to believe what you want but a majority of these celebrities use smoke and mirrors. Beyonce was pregnant but announced it on MTV but didn’t take any pictures of herself naked like 100% of her peers. And now she losing weight the right way. I hope she is but highly doubt it

  2. looks like long line bra and spanx to me, also its not like she ballooned when she was preggers.

  3. beyonce was in very good shape before her pregnancy. and, she obviously ate well and exercised because she didn’t gain all that much during pregnancy.

    if you didn’t exercise before pregnancy and had a poor diet, i think you’ll find it more difficult to release the weight. if your stomach muscles were crappy before pregnancy, don’t expect them to be all that great after giving birth.

    people are just jealous.

  4. Really? Ya ll know Beyonce was not pregnant. She used a surrogate and had a boob job to make het breasts look like womens do when they are breast feeding. We re not all dumb Beyonce. Baby looks like Beyonce, but not J Z. Who we ould want a baby with him (ugh!).

  5. Yall guys …beyounce has been a sensation she cant be eating nd excercing the ur body bounces back like that!!!
    She may hve used other ways not dieting,excersing nd exetra
    Celebs have their ways to look gud!! I mean strech marks in jst two months gone!! They use airbrush to hide those strech marks

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