The weather is getting warm and the clothes will soon be coming off, which means millions of people everywhere will be dieting so they can look their summer best. I don’t know about you, but dieting has never worked for me. I’ve tried no carb diets, no meat diets, no anything except juice diets and no anything at all diets. I might lose some weight here and there, but the minute I inhale all the weight I’ve lost comes back. There are a ton of fad diets, tips and tricks out there, and I know I’m not the only one who has tried them. So whether it was the cayenne pepper diet or the no carb diet, tell me….

What diets have you tried to get ready for summer or a special occasion? Did they work or did the weight come back?

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  1. zero.

    i don’t diet. luckily, i’ve never allowed myself to get fat really. the most i’ve been overweight was by about seven pounds but i just lost it simply by exercising again.

    my diet is already pretty good but exercise helps keep things in check when i have times when i go a bit wonky in my eating.

  2. V3 which is a weight loss supplement and its not a diet. I have lost weight and it helped teach me the proper way to eat without the usual pitfalls that broke any other kind of diet I’d tried. It’s not a quick fix but does help you eliminate the diet busters. It helps you eat less and move more without it being a chore. It worked for me!

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