This healthy “thing” is hard. It seems like everywhere I turn there is something delicious that I want, but can’t or shouldn’t have. From ice cream to heavy meals (Cuban is my fave), restrictions on my favorite foods has made for one cranky lady.

One thing I’ve started trying to do is swap my favorite junk foods for something similar, but healthier. For example, I live for Edy’s ice cream, but low-fat or not, too much ice cream is going to shoot my fitness goals to hell. So when I’m having a buy one, get one free craving for Edy’s, I buy their fruit bars instead. I get the same sweet relief, but from fruit and it does the trick … sometimes. Hey, I’m human.

Another thing I’m doing is swapping my juice. Yes, I know that juice can be a sugary devil, but instead of my normal faux iced tea mix (haven’t had any in 6 months!), which is packed with sugar, I drink apple juice instead. This way I get my juice craving quenched, but without all the extra sugar … and pounds.

Of course steps like these are small, but they definitely help me to curb cravings and pay closer attention to what I’m putting in my body.

Maybe one day I can live a faux iced tea and Edy’s free existence, but today is not that day so these will do just fine.

What are your food swaps? Do the swaps help with your cravings?

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  1. I swap coffee which can be loaded with caffeine that tends to hold on to fat cells, for green or oolong teas which raise my metabolism and gives the same high energy but not in jittery form. Teas are also great for clarity and digestion, and if my body INSISTS on a latte, Chai Latte with SOY yall.

  2. I am trying to swap orange flavored Hi-C for some other orange flavored drink. I love mangoes drinks too

  3. Can I swap out light skinned girls for dark skinned girls? I heard melanin is healthy

  4. I have swapped the all my spreads and sauces to organic. No MSG

  5. Went from Nachos and cheese to carrots and hummus

    I make my own sodium free taco seasoning.

  6. I eat trail mix, homemade “cheesy” kale chips, string cheese, and fruit in place of processed snacks. Easy to pack and cart around all day.

  7. smh @ rob

  8. Reese’s peanut butter (OMG I’m having withdrawal and a little ‘O’ just thinking about it) with healthier PB.

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