Along with being gorgeous, incredibly intelligent, and the champion of the “Let’s Move” campaign, our FLOTUS is an avid gardener. Now if you’ve thought about starting a garden, but you’re like me, than having a green thumb just doesn’t come naturally. So I spoke to someone who has tons of experience working in a garden, and she’s by far the closest Michelle Obama that I know— my mom! Here are some of her suggestions for starting your own garden.

1. Invest in Your Space

For people who have live in apartments or small spaces with a balcony, you can create your own contained garden. All you need is a small space, and plenty of sunshine. Find a place by a window or on a balcony, and get a few containers. Fill each container with Garden potting soils, add some compost such as peat moss to help to loosen up the soil as well as spread out nutrients. You can plant ornamental flowers that bloom all year round!

2. Start a Community Garden

If you live in an apartment, bur aren’t fortunate enough to have a balcony or small space to plant, find a community plot that’s vacant. You can start a garden by taking the same basic steps. Find the soil in which you wish to plant, turn the soil up, and plant! Similar to how kids help garden with the First Lady at the White House, a community garden is perfect for meeting neighbors, and getting the whole community involved. You can even donate produce to food banks!

3. You need Good Soil, but also Plenty Drainage

For those who live in a home, have plenty of outdoor space, and an equal amount of sunshine, don’t be afraid to start a garden there. It’s possible that the soil may be clogged and clay-like, so to get the soil ready for planting, add some Miracle Grow peatmoss, and mix it in with the soil. Plant your vegetables in pots with holes in the bottom to allow drainage. When all of this is done, sit back and watch your garden grow!

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  1. My big sister inspired me to start a garden, and reading this article makes me want to do it even more.

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