We talk a lot about the negative side effects of drinking soda and the numerous ways to kick the habit. While it may not be as bad as soda, coffee can be just as addictive and the caffeine can cause sleeplessness, anxiety, and if you have acid reflux, coffee can cause it to flare up. If you noticed that coffee isn’t the bright spot in your day it seems to be for everyone else, try these four tips that may just help you kick the habit for good.

Cut Back Slowly

If you do drink a lot of caffeine, you might want to give it up slowly. This should help lessen the intensity of the withdrawal symptoms and also give you time to develop new habits to replace the old and how long it takes depends on how much you’re drinking to begin with.

Drink Water

Consuming more water, whether it’s hot or cold, is another great way to detox. It gives your hands and mouth something to do when you’ve relinquished the coffee mug

Work Out More

Exercise is just as much of a stimulant, maybe more so, as caffeine, so physical activity is a sure-fire way to combat fatigue as well as irritability when withdrawing from coffee. The natural high you get from working out can help replace the need to drink coffee to get the same boost…and you’ll look great!

Get More Sleep

Most Americans aren’t getting the sleep they need and many are coping with it by drinking copious amounts of caffeine. Given coffee’s stimulant properties, it makes sense that you’d be tired when coming off the cup. The world’s best anti-fatigue weapon? Sleep. Get some!


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