Spring is now here, which means you have officially three months until summertime’s pool parties dominate the your to-do list. One of the hardest parts of the body to train are the legs. A competitive leg regimen should have you exhausted beyond comprehension, but most people are not looking to compete on the world Body Building circuits. All you may want to do is eliminate some of the fatty deposits (dimples) in you thighs or be able to run that extra mile. But a lot of the time, leg workouts can lead to injury if you don’t have proper technique.

Many people underestimate the importance of proper technique when performing leg exercises. Squats, for example, can tear one’s knees apart if they aren’t done right. So it’s great to see a trainer putting together a quick leg workout, showing viewers how important it is to have ideal form when working out.

Koya Webb, a fitness instructor and raw food enthusiast currently residing in Los Angeles, shares with us a short instructional video, which shows how to tighten your butt, elongate your thighs, and strengthen your legs.

Check out Koya below:

3 exercises under 5 minutes to put the Spring back into your butt

Squats — Perform 20 body-weight squats

Proper technique: For regular body-weight, prayer squats, your feet should be facing forward, with your legs shoulder length apart or slightly wider. As you begin to squat, don’t be afraid to stick your bum out while maintaining a straight back. Make sure you knees never extend over your feet. Once your quads and hamstrings (femur) form a 90 degree angle with your calves (tibia), explode back up without locking your knees.

Backward Lunges — Perform 20-30 body-weight backward lunges

Proper technique: Standing with your legs slightly apart, inhale and take a big step backwards, keeping the your trunk as straight as possible. Lunge until the front thigh is horizontal to the floor or slightly less. Exhale and return to the initial position.

This exercise, which works the gluteus maximus intensely, can be performed two different ways: either by taking a small step — which isolates the quads — or taking a big step — which isolates the hamstrings and gluteus maximus.

Butt Lifts — 20 each side

Proper technique: Stand one leg with your core tight, as Koya points out. Extend the hip and pull your leg up.

Always consult with your medical professional before performing any exercise or begin any fitness regimen.

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  1. I did squats yesterday and the day before. Tore my thighs up, since I haven’t done them in forever. And why can’t I do lunges? It is so annoying that I can’t get it right. I can do them on with my right knee on the ground, but when it comes time for my left side, I always fall.

  2. Try spreading your legs apart a little farther with the lunges when you bring your feet back to gether. Jillian Michaels has a great 6 week abs workout that begins with nothing but squats & lunges.

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