Eating healthy comes with a ton of rules. Swap soda for water, sweets for fruits and veggies and white carbs for whole wheat, but some things aren’t as healthy as they may seem.

According to an article by Dr. Mark Hyman in The Huffington Post, there are three reasons why health eating wheat is not only making you fat, but increasing your risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, dementia, depression and more.

Dr.Hyman says this is not the wheat our grandparents used, the wheat in today’s foods is actually FrankenWheat, a scientifically engineered food product developed in the last 50 years. Dr. Hyman lists three ways this fake wheat affects our health:

  1. It contains a Super Starch — amylopectin A that is super fattening.
  2. It contains a form of Super Gluten that is super-inflammatory.
  3. It contains forms of a Super Drug that is super-addictive and makes you crave and eat more.

Carbs, white, or wheat, both pack on the pounds, but Dr. Hyman feels wheat is much worse and suggests that people stop eating it completely. In fact, he suggests people get tested to see if they have a more serious wheat or gluten problem and then suggests a six week 100 percent gluten-free diet trial to see how you feel.

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like nothing is truly healthy these days.

We’re told to eat healthy, but then they healthy foods we’re told to eat turn out to be just as unhealthy as the pizza we’re trying to avoid. Perhaps has part of the fight against obesity, the government should place bans on chemicals and scientifically engineered foods…maybe then healthy food will actually be healthy enough to eat.


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  1. You need to tell folks that the Super Drug is sugar. A toxin that is more addictive than cocaine, weed, caffeine and nicotine all put together.

    Give people the whole truth about our foods and we can make better choices.

    • did you see the 60 minutes report last night about the addictive nature of sugar? It was amazing. At least with drugs you have to make a phone call, text or meet in a dark ally. Sugar is everywhere.

  2. Aren’t there whole wheats that are not manufactured like the Frankenwheat. Certainly these are not the ONLY source for wheat. There are other options. A complete story, well researched and thought out, would be helpful and responsible. This just seems like fear mongering to me. A do this, not that piece.

    • I understand what you are saying. But have you read some of the replies on this site? One person asked if they cut out meat////where would they get their protein? So people are coming here getting the most basic questions answered. As a writer….(don’t judge me on this reply) this article does the job. Tell them the danger and tell them quickly. Writing a 3 page thesis on the dangers of Franken wheat will drive me, you and everyone else who is not getting their PH.D in biochemistry away.

      Plus we are telling BLACK people about the dangers of eating Franken wheat. This is the equivalent of taking away their sweet Jesus. I think the article did a great job. Anything shorter would have said, “Eat wheat & die bytch.”

  3. Kill a person with a gun and it’s called murder, murder millions with toxic foods and drugs and its called legitimate business. The people that we put into government to guide and protect us are the same people who own the industries that are killing us in the name of profit and power. Maybe its time we locked up those wealthy homicidal sociopaths and ran the country ourselves, then we can get rid of the “Frankenfoods” once and for all, along with the “FrankenAlphaDogs”. I really cannot understand the mentality of the masses who tend to go ballistic over a single murder but are only mildly irked over the massive number of people who suffer and are murdered by these “captains” of industry and government. We should be charging our own presidents and prime ministers with murder for allowing this as they hold the ultimate responsibility. We should be outraged. This goes far beyond the scientists and doctors who can’t seem to do anything right. As long as we sheep keep paying the wolves to lead and protect us, nothing will change.

  4. I know about the evils of sugar. I was diabetic with high cholesterol and overweight when I went on the Sugarbusters diet and have lost 30 lbs, 25 pts on my cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Notice how ex-drug addicts get hooked on sugar as a substitute for their former drug of choice since it still gives them a rush? It’s highly addictive.

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