Houston has reclaimed the title of “America’s Fattest City.”

According to the March issue of Men’s Fitness, Houston edged out, literally, El Paso at seventh and Arlington at 15th. The ranking is no surprise as the magazine cites Houston’s fast pace with fast food – apparently we have 1,034 more fast food restaurants than any other city.

Let’s take a ride through Houston, courtesy of the Houston Chronicle, and find out what makes Houston so uniquely fat.

Breakfast Enchiladas with eggs, over easy:

Estimated at 750 calories, this is why brunch was invented.

Catfish and Grits:

Whoever said eat like a king at breakfast wasn’t kidding. This meal – at the Breakfast Klub – has more than 1,650 calories and 100g of fat.

Freebirds Steak Burrito, fully loaded:

An estimated 1,106 calories, 53.5g of fat and 2390mg of sodium, this burrito is enough to feed you and your party of six.

Deep Fried Chocolate Covered Cheesecake:

You may get it with berries and syrup on top elsewhere, but at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, cheesecake comes deep fried and coated in chocolate. The cheesecake alone easily runs 500 calories; add another 150 for the chocolate dip.

The always popular Turkey Leg:

At least 1,136 calories and 54 grams of fat, a tryptophan-induced coma is in your near future.

Chocolate-Covered Pickle:

With more than 200 calories and 1,181mg of sodium, this concoction of sweet and sour do not mix.

Funnel Cake Sundae:

An estimated 960 calories and 44g of fat, there’s enough sugar to keep you and your kids up for a week.

Fried Snickers:

The deep-fried Twinkie’s more popular cousin has 444 calories and 29g of fat.
The RIPPS Grille Animal House Sandwich:

Two 1/2 pound beef patties, chili, bacon and fried onion rings, plus two grilled cheese sandwiches and fries, calories are estimated at more than 4,000. In a challenge, someone finished eating it in eight minutes and 53 seconds. Time of heart attack was anticipated at eight minutes and 55 seconds.

Enzo’s Pizza Ball Buster Sub:

This sub has more than 2,240 calories and can feed a family of four in any other state but Texas.

Boiled Crawfish and Shrimp Dinner:

Depending on the amount of shrimp and crawfish consumed, this dish can range from 250 calories to more than 600.

Texas Twisters and Smoked Sausage:

Carnival food at its finest: 631 calories and 32g of fat from sausage on a stick, ringed with potato slices and, of course, fried. Heart healthy this is not.

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  1. Apparently you and Men’s Fitness forgot to check these sources… everything from having Houston as a SKINNIEST city, to Dallas, San Antonio, even Austin as fatter!

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