Ladies and gents get ready for a little show and tell. For years we’ve heard health professionals warn us about the dangers of eating processed foods. From weight gain to heart disease, these foods are on the top of every doctor’s do not eat list and if you’ve never taken heed…this might make you change your mind.

TEDxManhattan 2011 Fellow Stefani Bardin’s created a video that shows what happens in your body when you eat processed foods vs. homemade versions of similar foods, using a tiny “M2A” (that stands for Mouth to Anus) LED/camera capsule. The project looks at two subjects eating two similar meals: one composed of processed foods (gatorade, ramen, and gummi bears); the other of homemade versions (hibiscus drink, homemade broth with noodles and gummi bears made of juice) and the results will seriously make you lose your lunch.

Check out the video below.

Does the video make you rethink eating processed foods?

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  1. That was so gross when it came to the ramen noodles. I never eat ramen noodles. I am also in college too, but I don’t the product that has become such a cliche. I am trying now to eat foods with fruits and vegetables mostly, and I haven’t went to a fast food joint for most of the week.

  2. ramen noodles are only for students who let’s be honest eat all the time it’s cheap and easy and affordable gross it’s called standard’s my god

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