Normally we focus on how little exercise Americans are getting and with obesity running rampant it’s kind of hard not to. But just like not getting enough exercise can be bad for your health, so can getting too much exercise. 47 percent of American adults suffer some type of addictive disorder, and exercise can be one of them.

Researchers concluded that too much exercise may be similar to drug abuse and, in some cases, linked to eating disorders. In fact, nearly half of exercise addicts have reported having an eating disorder, and 15 to 20 percent are addicted to alcohol or drugs. Not sure if you’re addicted to working out? Here are a few of the warning signs.


Skipping a workout can definitely make you feel guilty. But if it makes you feel anxious, moody or makes it hard to fall asleep at night then you might be addicted. Taking a break from working out shouldn’t be stressful, so take note if a day off actually creates excessive restlessness.

Lack of control

Feeling the need to run a daily marathon? Taking a break and putting away the weights shouldn’t be a problem, so be aware if it becomes impossible to stay away from the gym.


Can’t make the dinner date because of an extended workout? Late to work because that post-workout stretching session went a little too long? Another exercise addiction red flag is when working out takes away from relationships and obligations. Remember, you’re working out to stay healthy and live longer so you can spend more time living your dreams and enjoying loved ones…not missing out.


If today’s workout plan said 50 minutes of yoga, why tack on an extra hour of running? Going well beyond the workout plan can be a sign of addiction, especially if it becomes a consistent problem. Also, if you’re hitting the gym even when excessive exercise is sparking emotional and physical pain it’s definitely an addiction warning sign.

As with food, too much of a good thing can end up being bad for your health. So make sure that you’re working out in moderation and keeping a healthy balance.

Do you think you’re addicted to exercise?

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  1. A nice problem to have……

    I workout regularly, but I am no where near addicted. I do it because I have to and occasionally need a good run, but if I could do without it, I would.

  2. an addiction worth having!

  3. Then I want to be an addict,if the side effect is good health. It’s worser things in this world to be hooked on than exercise.

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