Pucker up, Valentine’s Day is here! While February 14 is often known as a day all about chocolate and flowers, the most romantic part often comes in the form of a kiss. But there’s nothing like dry, cracked lips to kill the mood for a smooch. So before you head out for your night of love, here are three tips to make sure you’ve got kissable lips.

Make A Do-It-Yourself Exfoliant
Winter can take a toll on your lips making them dry and cracked. Smooth out your lips with this natural exfoliant:

  1. Mix equal parts of finely ground sugar or salt with avocado oil and avocado meat.
  2. Take just a little bit and put it on your fingers or a soft-bristled toothbrush — then delicately run over your lips (this skin is very sensitive, so you want to be gentle).
  3. Keep any of the extra mixture in the fridge for next time.

Create A Natural Lip Mask
After you exfoliate, you’ve got to protect your newly smooth lips so they stay fresh for the big moment. Try this homemade lip mask and make your kisses even sweeter:

  1. In a small mixer or mini chop, blend avocado, yogurt and honey.
  2. Use your pinky finger to apply a thin layer.
  3. Leave the mask on for a good five to 10 minutes before rinsing it off — you may want to try applying it before hopping in the shower.

Kiss … And Often!
Sure Valentine’s Day is a great day to kiss, but to make sure your lips are kissable all year long you really only need one tip … kiss and often! We have a feeling your Valentine won’t mind helping you out with that one.

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