If you thought you and your friends were the only ones itching for a healthy change in 2012, think again. Like the rest of us, celebrities are concerned about their health and tennis superstars Venus and Serena Williams are no exception.

After opening up about her battle with Sjogren’s Syndrome, an incurable disease of the immune system which affects the body’s moisture-producing glands, Venus Williams has made it her mission to change her lifestyle by adding yoga to her workout routine to combat joint pain, and by switching to a raw vegan diet this year with sister Serena joining her for moral support.

For those of you who are curious, raw veganism is a diet that combines veganism and raw foodism. It excludes all food of animal origin, and all food cooked above 48 degrees Celsius (118 degrees Fahrenheit). A raw vegan diet includes raw vegetables and fruits, nuts and nut pastes, grain and legume sprouts, seeds, plant oils, sea vegetables, herbs, and fresh juices. If you’re looking to break your body’s addiction to sugar and other unhealthy chemicals or simply looking for a lifestyle change, the raw vegan diet could be for you.

Could you go raw?

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  1. I wonder if they’ll give up the hot comb and weave while on the raw diet. Their beauty is hidden behind those god awful adornments. It’s like they dull or dilute their blackness … And for what?

    • @Ginelle: Why do raw vegans act like natural is the only way to express one’s blackness. gtfoh …

      • @Erika: Co-sign Erika. It’s unfortunate for all the raw foodists and vegans out there who’re trying to help educate people about the benefits that this corner of food culture seems to attract personalities like Ginelle’s. That condescending holier-than-thou-ness is so grating…I swear I’m still an omnivore (in part) just to spite the righteous.

    • @Ginelle: So true. I was just thinking the same thing. How about they go natural as well? It has nothing to with “blackness”. They can wear their own hair straight if they prefer. The fact is that fake hair “sitting” on top of your head is far from a good look.

  2. lol @ Ginelle, so harsh…but I find that when one goes vegan or vegetarian, other things follow..so they just might.

  3. @Ginelle: co-sign.

  4. They are too beautiful to hide behind all that weave. But good for them for going raw!

  5. I’m currently vegetarian and thinking of going vegan…I too know what the health benefits of cutting out meats. I’m very happy the sisters have make such a great move.

  6. I’m astonished that not many other athletes are raw

  7. Great news. We are partially raw. Fruit/veggy smoothies juices made @ home for breakfast with our handy dany juicer & blender. And for dinner every night I have some form of a salad that consumes at least 50% of my platee. So when you say GO Vegan or GO vegetarian as good as we @ fruigivore know its healthy most other people don’t know how. So the easiest way I try and tell ppl is to change ur plate from 80% meat, carbs and transfat and replace that with fresh fruits and veggies

  8. For all you haters out there, find a life. Hooray to the professional sisters for going raw. Haters find some business. If they want to go raw good for them. And if they choose to continue to wear weave or any other style good for them. Get some business and some weave it may enhance your appearance. After all everyone can improve in their appearance in one way or the other. I’ll halla.

  9. I’m really excited for the girls. Going raw is a decision that takes discipline and both these girls have that! I hope we can stay updated on their journey!

  10. good girlis …………. bla bla bla

  11. Who cares about their hair and clothes, etc. Healthier life styles is the real issue here, kiddies.

    • Arabia Muhammad

      I agree !! Why is it when people strive for betterment others have to chime in with negativity! Weaves and etc have nothing to do with this!

  12. I also agree, why bring weaves, etc., in to this. Most comments I’ve read here could have been more positive in that they could have shared their personal experiences concerning the lifestyle change, they could have shared info on how to prevent anemia and they could have commented on the benefits of the lifestyle. Comments could have been educational and not critical. Being natural even if its just how you wear your hair is a journey and if you continue the journey it will end in the awareness of and how to improve your emotional, psychological, and physical health. I know raw foodists and vegans that wear synthetic weaves and they look good. No harm no foul because they aren’t animal by-products, etc. A few people with the negativity thing going on need to continue their journey to self-awareness — I’m jus sayin’

  13. FLY BrownGirlCEO

    When we degrade one another we are in fact degrading ourselves, when they see her, they see us and vice versus, so when we distract ourselves with Tom Foolery we remain complacent. Strive for knowledge, these girls are changing their lives for the better& not asking for anyones opinion b/c believe me they are GOOD without our approval, so how can you find something wrong in that. When you know better, we do better. Let’s do better Brown Girls Please, these ladies haven’t done nothing but give us something to be proud of, damn, and all we can talk about is something as superficial as their weaves smh.

  14. It Just Shows US How IGNORANT PEOPLE can Be …..Express one’s Blackness!? Their Journey to change their DIET is due to HEALTH Reasons. Which is in Most cases what most of us need to Change. Once you change what you’re eating Everything else falls in Place. U want to LIVE a more POSITIVE LIFESTYLE OVER ALL. When we get what we put into OUR MINDS BODIES and SOULS HEALTHY ….Negativity is DEAD ,Disease is DEAD,IGNORANCE is limited.


  15. People go to eat vegan and live food as much as possible as you can. ! It’s not just health, but the planet and animals ! change your life

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