2011 was the year of Zumba. The Latin-dance-inspired cardio class helped millions tone and sculpt the body with rhythmic high-energy dance moves. This year there is a new dance craze looking to snatch Zumba from its throne and it’s called…Batuka! Founded by Grammy winner and Colombian native Kike Santander, Batuka is a fun, high intensity dance workout that offers choreographed routines to globally inspired music. The name comes from the Brazilian Batucada, a festive gathering of people who dance and enjoy a loud, fast pace percussive ensemble.

If it sounds very similar to Zumba, that’s because in many ways it is. However Batuka doesn’t just focus on total body fitness, but good nutrition, and a positive outlook as well. The philosophy behind the class is to “utilize music to promote movement and energy, helping you discover an inner harmony between your mind, your body, and your feelings.” Many people who have already started taking Batuka are singing its praises, will you be one of them?

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