For some, working out at the gym can bring on tremendous amounts of anxiety. If you’re a little on the fluffy side it can feel like a walking through the flames of hell when you have to run on the treadmill flanked by the slim and trim. But at Downsize Fitness, skinny people aren’t welcome. At Downsize Fitness, which has locations in Chicago and Las Vegas, the environment is non-intimidating and members can focus on working out.

Club member Tara Lawton told the Tribune she’s lost 20 pounds since joining in October:

“I want to cry sometimes at how it changed my life. My body is responding positively to being pushed.”

Eligible clients must be at least 50 lbs overweight, according to the company’s website and when members reach their goal they “graduate” from the gym.

Do you think overweight only gyms are necessary?

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  1. Lashandra Griggs

    I do think that is a great idea… Wish we had places like that vb in oklahoma… Tulsa oklahoma in specific….hint hint..

  2. I guess it’s cool. But it sure would suck if that was the closest gym to your house within walking distance and within your budget and you couldn’t get in because you weren’t overweight enough.

  3. I think the concept is great, it that’s what it takes to get them inspired more power to them.

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