The commercials and ads are literally everywhere. You can’t go a day without seeing Jennifer Hudson singing with her plumper self for Weight Watchers or Janet Jackson whispering through the screen about all the wonderful benefits of Nutrisystem. Millions of people each year spend money on these weight loss products hoping that they too will feel like ‘it’s a new day’ once they lose the weight. But do these products really work? Sure Jennifer Hudson may have lost weight using Weight Watchers, but she probably also had a personal trainer and a chef. She also probably didn’t have to pay for the service at all. As for Janet Jackson, let’s just say I give a long blank stare to her endorsement considering that it’s no secret she has been under the knife and has been her current size long before she started pushing low calorie meals.

We here at Frugivore want to hear from real, everyday people who don’t have trainers or have had to cut corners in their budgets to join these weight loss plans. We want to hear from you about the pros and cons and whether Jennifer and Janet are speaking the gospel truth or simply collecting a pay check.


Have you tried Weight Watches or Nutrisystem?

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  1. I agree with the statements in this article. I too gave the blank stare at the Janet Jackson commercials. In my life I have been on several diets. I did fasting, calorie counting, calorie reduction, the carb addicts diet, sugar busters, master cleanse, slim fast, weight watchers, and several others. None of them worked. I never lost more than 20-40 pounds because these diets called for me to eat stuff that wasn’t really food. Each time a diet finished I ended up gaining back the weight and then some until before I knew it I was over 300 pounds.

    It took me finally coming to terms with the fact that I was fat but I at least wanted to be fat and healthy before real changes took place in my life. In my quest to be fit and fat, I started reading books and watching various documentaries. I learned about the food industry, factory farming, general nutrition and the gerson institute. Then I learned about veganism.

    I decided to try it out and see if it would improve my health. I wasn’t thinking about weight loss when I started it. For the first four months I didn’t tell a soul about my journey until it was clear to me that this was my new path. I felt the health benefits of veganism immediately. I had more energy, my skin was clearer, my hair grew longer, and the swelling in my feet that plagued me for years was suddenly gone. I used to have feet so swollen that the only way I could accommodate the width was by wearing shoes that were up to 3 sizes larger than my normal shoe size.

    The truth is that I experienced several other benefits from veganism which are probably too numerous to list here. But I will try to list a few more. I don’t have pain in my joints anymore. I sleep better at night. My digestive system is functioning the best that it ever has. My endurance level has gone up. My thoughts are clearer and my moods are more even keeled. I am slow to get angry whereas before I used to have quite the temper. I no longer have painful periods. My menstrual cycles have become an almost serene experience. I used to be someone doubled over with cramps and ready to kill anyone for a piece of chocolate. Now I barely notice my cycles because they come so peacefully and I don’t feel the need to invade the Charlie Wonka’s chocolate factory like Godzilla on a mission. Also, my extreme cravings no longer exist. I used to be someone who ingested a pint of ice cream in one sitting at least three times a week. I used to suffer from chronic severe sweet tooth. Now, I have become sensitive to foods that are too salty or too sweet and have no desire to eat them.

    More people need to be aware that it isn’t their fault that they are hooked to certain foods. The foods are laced with chemicals to keep you addicted. Much like the way the additives which cigarette companies claim is to enhance the smoking experience is really to keep you hooked on cigarettes. I no longer eat any processed foods or foods ladden with hydrogenated fats, sugar, or dairy products. My vegan diet offers plenty of variety and is more than satisfying. I no longer need to eat large amounts just to feel full.

    I made the decision to become vegan on January 10, 2010. I recently celebrated my my 1 year vegan anniversary. I am down 65 pounds and still losing and I have never been happier health wise in my life. My only regret is that I didn’t know about veganism to make this change in my life earlier. The other marvelous thing is seeing how my new found health has affected the people around me. I have several co-workers who have been inspired by my journey and are themselves taking the first steps to a healthier life.

  2. I am in week one of Weight Watchers. I’ve already lost 11 lbs on my own but have been stuck for a while so I’m doing this with a friend. My motivation is the camaraderie – doing this with others may help me push a little harder. So far I think it’s a great start for anyone who wants to lose weight and doesn’t know where to begin. The first meeting I attended gave me some great tips on specific ways to watch what I eat, plan my meals, and especially planning for special events or outings where I wouldn’t be able to make my own meals. I’ll have more of a verdict in a few weeks.

  3. Blank stare at Janet? Uh, yes! I’m not gonna say that NutriSystem didn’t help her, but look at her! There’s no way NutriSystem carved her body like that. And does she credit NutriSystem with her weight loss in the past? Not that I know of! Now on the other hand, I have tried Weight Watchers and (as cliche as it sounds) it works! I did it for a few weeks and lost about 7 pounds, but my will power was low so I didn’t stay on it. The thing about Weight Watchers is that there are no specific foods you need to eat or have to buy; it’s based on what you normally eat. I do think Weight Watchers gives you more bang for your buck; you can pay for a month of service, get all the information, booklets, trackers, and all that stuff, get started, then discontinue service and you can keep everything! You can do it on your own without having to pay for it!

  4. Oh, and if you do Weight Watchers long enough, it becomes a habit….in turn, a lifestyle change.

  5. Janet Jackson is crazy if she thinks any believes she lost weight through NutriSystem. It’s all a money grab. Charles Barkley will lose the weight for a second and gain it right back after the program is done. J Hud is a joke and everybody should know she tell that she had lapband surgery just look at all the that lose skin and big ass head. Yes I’m hater, so what they’re celebrities and they love the constant fawning so they should take the small criticism too

  6. I have never tried Nutrisystem, isn’t this the one where they send you pre-prepared foods? That alone to me screams temporary ‘diet’ … which typically leads to yo-yo dieting!

    Weight Watchers on the other hand, I will praise the program! It works. It’s real food (what we all shop for at our local grocery stores). It’s based on lifestyle changes, portion control, balanced diet, and exercise. And it allows for the occasional endulgence (lets face it, we can’t deprive ourselves of everything!). Its also accountability and support, meeting with people who are or have been in your shoes, sharing stories and advice. It does work, but it takes will power, control, and effort, as should any legit weight loss program.

    I myself have been a member of Weight Watchers for a year and in the begining had great success, after an injury and needed recovery time, I ‘fell off the wagon’ so to speak, but I am now regaining control again… and with Weight Watchers, I will get there, I will reach my goal weight, and I will be a lifetime member! 🙂

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