I had a beloved Frugivore reader write me the following:

I need you to settle a debate. Personally and theoretically do vegetarian/vegan men make better lovers? I have one friend who is convinced of this – particularly within the context of the entire experience. Her argument is that they “taste” better, smell better, can get it up at the drop of a dime, and have incredible stamina. I’m leery about this but then again I don’t know. I know the answer may be nuanced but I’m curious about your thoughts.

To his and my surprise, I actually haven’t had sex with a vegetarian or vegan man (or woman). But I have heard similar reports of vegetarian and vegan men holding it down in the bedroom. As all stereotypes have truths and exceptions, I wanted to dive deeper into the hype surrounding vegetarian and vegan male lovers. What does the research say? Do they really “taste” better? Have less body odor? Get it up on request? And keep it up for their partner’s pleasure? Let’s explore the truths and exceptions to these mystical non-meat-eating lovers.

When it comes to semen, it is true that a man’s diet impacts its taste. The more alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, and drugs that he consumes, the more bitter and polluted his semen will become. But for vegetarian men in particular, they have the benefit of not having red meat in their diets, which often can cause semen to taste salty. Dairy has been reported to have similar effects. But that doesn’t make the non-meat diet the perfect solution to delicious, edible male secretions. Vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, and cabbage aren’t always the best ingredients for semen. But fruits that are high in natural sugars, such as pineapple, mangoes, and melons help with offsetting bitterness and increasing sweetness.

What about the funk? What you put in your body impacts the odor that comes out. Red meat is one of the major causes of body odor, as it causes stagnation in the body and releases numerous toxins into the bloodstream through the large intestine. Manufactured foods are also a “no no,” as they lack fiber and are made with refined white flour, added sugars, and other processed ingredients. Plant-based diets, meaning you could be completely vegetarian, vegan, or just eat little meat, works as an internal deodorizer, as chlorophyll and phytonutrients cleanse you on the inside. Herbs such as sage, rosemary, and thyme are also great. And a healthy diet in general of whole grains, vegetables, fresh fruits, nuts, and seeds also provides a less funky outcome. Vegetarian and vegan men that operate within these terms just might have little body odor. But then again, men who eat little red meat and manufactured foods, along with a plant-based diet, might fare the same.

But can they get it and keep it up? The question that most women and men-seeking-men really want to know. Of course, exercise is a major aid in general for stamina in the bedroom. But when it comes to our diets, various foods that are often found in the vegetarian diet can assist in getting and maintaining an erection. What should he eat? Blueberries are excellent for increasing circulation and lowering cholesterol, which results in stronger and longer erections. Zinc is also great for testosterone production, and is available in foods such as chickpeas, pumpkin, and sunflower seeds. Getting enough Vitamin B is also essential, as it plays a role in eliminating fatigue. Thus, soy beans, lentils, and bananas are a man’s best friend. Once again, it seems like vegetarian-friendly foods are leading the way for better male lovers, but meat-eaters seem like they can still fit in with a healthy approach to eating.

In all, what’s been your experience(s) with non-meat-eating versus meat-eating male lovers? Let’s settle this once and for all!

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  1. hmmm…i think men who take care of their health in general can do this. lol I think men eating grass fed organic meats, who exercise and eat lots of fruits, veggies and *nuts* (since we are talking sex) probably has better stamina than your average Pizza Hut eating, miller lite drinking dude. But this is an online mag for vegetarians so I won’t be the meat-eating invader who will debate the point! 🙂

    • InspiredNewlyWed

      I agree, From personal experience with Vegs, Meatarians and everything inbetween, it all comes down to overall health, fitness, and lifestyle @Reba:

  2. YES! My man is vegan and I have to say the rumors are true, especially in the “funk” department.

  3. I am a vegan male, and from what i’ve been told yes. And its all about circulation. An erection is increased blood flow to the penis. The viens and arteries of a vegan are less restricted and makes the erection better. Also, vegans have better stamina for the same reasons. It’s almost like the effect liquor has on you, because it thins your blood, which increases your bloodflow. So having sex with a vegan is like drunk sex with a sober man. So ladies, try us out. It’s scientific. Lol.

  4. As vegan raw/live foodist, I can only hope so, but, in my humble opinion, sexual stamina has more to do with your fitness levels than your diet, at least when you’re young. As we age, if one wants to continue to workout and maintain a high fitness level, he will have to pay attention to foods that keep the blood flowing and inflammation down — fruits and vegetables.

    Smell can depend on what kind of foods you put in your body. Herbs and spices like garlic, onion, curry, cumin, ginger, cayenne, chili powder, and oregano contain alkaloids and other toxic chemicals. These seasonings stimulate our taste buds and nerves while delivering toxins to our nervous systems. Their use should be avoided, or at least minimized. They act as irritants in the digestive tract, often causing the body to produce mucus for protection. As your body tries its hardest expel the toxicity, the toxic spices will come through your pores, creating the smell. Most meat-eaters use spices to disguise the bland or noxious taste of cooked foods and seduce us into consuming foods that would not attract us on their own. So vegetarians can smell terrible too.

    Semen is a man’s life force and should be protected be avoiding toxic chemicals such as coffee, GMO foods, and cigarettes. Since sperm contains fructose and citric acid, it is possible to change the taste slightly from sweet to acidic with the addition of fruits or alcohol, respectively.

    Fun article!

  5. I’ve never been with a vegan either, but I can say that I have been with health concscious dudes and even just cleaner eating and good exercise habits DO make a big difference in the smell/taste department. Also, my man says I taste better than anyone he has been with, and I’m the only vegan he has been with. Of course, he could also just be saying this to appease me, haha, his opinion is pretty biased…

  6. In my experience, sexual vitality doesn’t have all that much to do with a bloke’s diet. I’ve dated stinky vegetarians, nice smelling vegans, and all sorts of omnivores. Perhaps there’s just more to human chemistry than the food we consume.

  7. My dude eats meat and smells great. This article is overly simplistic and tries to push a dogmatic theory onto its readers. I can’t think of any person who would choose a mate over their smell or how long they last in bed. I used to date a man who ate trash, chips, fries, whatever and he smelled cool after he took a shower like a majority of people. JMO

  8. Yes, I think so. they are more energetic, clean, and spiritually connected, which adds to the sexual experience…

    Men who eat meat are parasitic and more likely to keep a bug from a sexual encounter due to their compromised body defense system. It’s much more enjoyable to lay with a man that detoxes and purifies his cells while connecting to the Sun in every which way… ahhhhh…… You can taste any part of their skin and receive vitamins, minerals, LIFE!…

    A meat eater is a scavenger and simply spreads the dis-ease of death consumption to their partners.. Not to even mention that they pump women full of animal pus and yeast when they lay with them!!!…… All of these things take away from the sexual experience.

    🙂 MOORRR LIIIFFFFEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Actually…
    Its funny that this article was written!!…I just had relations with a vegetarian-my first ever and while he is the oldest man that I have ever had sex with he is also the best and damn near the most virile…and there was virtually NO smell….it makes me think that I should up my vegetarian game to give him that same pleasure…and the blood flow was heavenly!

    • @Chi: @SDL: EXACTLY!!! I completely relate to and agree with everything you wrote. And, I have noticed that since I met him I’ve been eating much healthier and exercising more and I feel a lot better.

  10. Wow
    This is awesome To embark On
    However I would never know I ve never had a vegan,Man
    But,Now um curious.
    To find someone with The same stamina would be New Years n a
    Birthday All Over,again.
    Great info….

  11. My personal experience says yes!

  12. My ex wasn’t vegitarian, but he only ate ethnic foods he prepared at home. Nothing processed. It made a difference; I especially enjoyed his natural body scent (oddly the best was near his pits). And erections were a non issue, which I often mentally associated with his diet.

  13. The statement is true. My boyfriend is a vegetarian and the sex, body odor, and taste was all good and excuse my french but even his s#!t didn’t stank. On the other hand I’ve experienced the meat eater/smoker who’s sex was good body odor never bothered me either but the taste, let’s just say he couldn’t pay me enough to go down there.

  14. As a Complete Vegetarian male, I have been told that I “taste good” while being omnivore and herbivore. But, there has been a great amount of compliments while being Vegetarian. I have had the best energy exchange with other Vegetarian persons before/after copulation. Energy has always been very important to me. Speaking of which, there are times when my performance was “under par”, but I’ve received no complaints. I know myself/my body and when I am not on point. Now that I have resumed my exercise and meditation regimens, the circulation and energy flow has increased a lot.

    I would say that it depends on the person’s mental/psychological and physical state, prior and during sexual activity.

  15. trackandfield

    Carl Lewis (Vegan) vs Usain Bolt (Meat-Eater) Who do you think is a better lover?

  16. VegeTexanAtAOL

    Yes, I’d say I’m better.

  17. Since becoming strict vegetarian/vegan with almost no junk food intake – my erections are like those of someone in their 20’s. I know because I used to be one…

    I turned 60 a couple of months ago.

  18. Hmm…interesting!

  19. My vegetarian boyfriend smells amazing to me. Certain times I get a whiff of him as he walks by and I melt like non-dairy butter, and he doesn’t even wear cologne.
    I believe stamina isn’t solely a dietary thing. Natural hormone levels aren’t determined by dietary factors so much as they’re determined genetics. I do buy the circulatory thing though.
    I love my boyfriend, and I derive pleasure from him orgasming. As far as taste goes, I have never enjoyed that aspect of sex — until now. For the first time ever, I can swallow and actually enjoy it. No salty acrid taste that is so commonly characterized by a meat-eater’s semen.

    So yeah, I’ll vouch for vegetarian men any day, or night 🙂

  20. I am a vegan who has been with meat eaters and one vegetarian.
    Meat eaters tent to exercise less, vegans and vegetarias are more actives.

    From all men I’ve been with, I can say vegetarians taste way better and are better in bed.
    The only meat eater that tasted sweet was muslim, so, he didn’t eat pork nor drink coffe… I guess that made a difference, although he wouldn’t last as long as I wanted.However, sex was good though.

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