If one had to guess what a profile of Al Sharpton in The Wall Street Journal would center around, the first guess has to be something about his love for liberal politics or civil rights. Shockingly for most, but not for anyone who has watched his fairly new show on MSNBC, PoliticsNation, the story was about Reverend Al’s dramatic weight loss!

For last couple of years, Sharpton has taken his health seriously, cutting down on his favorite fried foods and sugary drinks. He knew that as he progressed in age, his 300-pound frame would not allow him to continue his fight for justice.

“Plenty of times in our neighborhoods you can’t even get a salad. You have to cross the tracks and go downtown to get a nutritious meal. We’ll never be healthy as a people until we take our communities back,” claims Sharpton, who eats at least one salad a day.

The Journal looked at some of the changes Sharpton made in his diet and lifestyle in general. Sharpton eats a calorie-restricted diet that includes modest lunches and skipping large dinners.

“You can’t address our issues and demand social justice when you are a prisoner in your own body, and you can’t have a reckless social life when you are looking for social justice.”

As far as his fitness routine goes, Sharpton says he’s consistent with his early morning jogs and core workouts, which include crunches and planks.

Raising eyebrows, people may be taken a back by what the founder of The National Action Network says that he uses as his motivation to power through his treadmill workout: MSNBC colleague and host of Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough.

He just hits my spot and gets me so angry and ready to go to work. While I’m on the bike or running I think of my counter arguments to his conservative ones,” Sharpton says.

Despite his “innocent” man crush on Scarborough, Sharpton feels better than ever and wants to maintain his new healthy lifestyle although he says keeps his energy up by reminiscing on all the negative comments about weight:

“Vanity can be a good thing. I remember how I’d feel when people would cartoon my weight or make fun of my weight. I’d use those memories to help me stay on track.”

Whatever it takes Rev … We’re just glad the civil rights advocate keeps setting a good example for older black men when comes to health and fitness — now let’s work on losing the perm.

Check out Reverend Al’s appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe last week:

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  1. I don’t get the “man crush.” Where does that idea come from? I read the article & watched the video, I don’t follow. Is that suppose to be a joke? Really I don’t understand how the author arrived at that conclusion.

  2. Title just there to get us to read the article. Got to stand out in a medium with a trillion options. I didn’t know he had lost so much weight. Great for him. He’s being the example.

  3. He just hits my spot = ultimate pause!!!! But I’m glad he lost that weight.

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