There seems to be a disturbing trend amongst some people who consider themselves too overweight to lose weight by exercising and eating a healthier diet.

Some people are opting to gain weight to lose weight.

According to Vitals, since medical bureaucrats have set the bar for weight loss surgery very high, BMI of 40 or above, some potential patients have started to gorge on whatever they can find to make the weight.

A recent Food and Drug Administration decision, which approved the use of Lap-Band in patients with BMIs as low as 30 with at least one weight-related disease, such as high blood pressure or diabetes. The agency left the BMI level at 40 for heavy but otherwise healthy people.

Vitals quoted one patient, Steffany Sears, who did eat herself into the required weight range:

“I would have eaten myself stupid,” recalled Sears, 34, who was turned down by her insurance company for the $20,000 procedure. “I know friends who would have done that, too.”

In the end, she actually qualified to participate in a clinical trial that led the federal this spring to lower the bar for obesity in people eligible for one form of weight-loss surgery, Allergan’s Lap-Band stomach-shrinking device. Because she had a body mass index, or BMI, of between 30 and 35, the target range of the new rule, she even got the treatment for free, instead of having to take out a second mortgage on her house.

Sound Off: Would you eat to gain weight in order to qualify for weight loss surgery? Is this behavior counterproductive?

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  1. I think that its silly to gain weight in order to have surgery. I had WLS 9years ago my weight was 30 & my BMI 59. At that time I was afraid that I would not be approved for surgery because I had no health issues at the time. I do agree that changes need to be made to the requirements. It really upsets me that people would do that in order to have surgery. If a someone goes to that extent to have surgery that means that they don’t really understand that having WLS isn’t a quick fix its a life change. In order for WLS to work you have to put in work.

  2. My weight was 360lbs*

  3. I would never try to put myself on weight gain diet just get surgery. What kind of habits would I be exhibiting to young people who may be looking at me?

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