Pat yourself on the back; you’ve been sticking to your exercise program, eating right and dropping weight steadily. But maybe your progress starts to slow and you’re not sure why. That could be because you forgot that what you eat is almost as important as how often you eat.

Experts recommend eating five small meals each day. Munching several times a day boosts your metabolism. Eating more often also means you eat less each time you, meaning you don’t overeat. Five mini-meals also keep your weight down because your body holds on to fat when it has to wait a long time for food. Plus, your blood sugar stays balanced and you’re more likely to convert those little meals into energy when you exercise.

When it comes to weight loss and eating, three isn’t the magic number. Go ahead and plan for breakfast, lunch, dinner and two more snacks.

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  1. How many hours in between the meals? I have heard 3 then another said 4. I do 3. I feel deprived waiting 4 hours.

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