Have you ever wondered why most people in relationships gain weight? Well, according to health professionals, the weight gain can be attributed to your partner’s nosiness. Yes, there are health risks when you have an insatiable urge to go through your boyfriend’s phone, looking to connect the imaginary dots in your head with his text messages.


After cracking your boyfriend’s Facebook page, rummaging through his friend requests and messages will only raise your stress levels, releasing the hormone cortisol. Why do it? Because, since cortisol interferes with your appetite regulating hormones, you might grab the nearest comfort food and self medicate.

My comfort food is Blue Bell Ice Cream: Strawberries and Vanilla Swirl.

Sleep Deprivation

Losing sleep is never an option for anyone who wants to live a fruitful life. But every once in a while, your girl may obsess over you so much, she doesn’t sleep. She is up talking to her friends about how you give her signs that you are a dog. Furthermore, she’s on Twitter and Facebook at 4:30 a.m. sending subliminal messages, hoping that someone co-signs her psychosis. Okay, this may be a stretch, but you know what I mean.

Clearly she is wrecking her health by not sleeping. According to a recent study published by the National Sleep Foundation, nearly 44% of Americans suffer from mild to moderate insomnia. Coupled with the increasing number of people who suffer from sleep apnea, there is no wonder why our culture has normalized erratic behavior, morning grumpiness, daily coffee breaks, overconsumption of energy drinks and sugar, late night television, and prescription sleep-aides — we need these products to keep us productive even though, in the end, the joke is always on us.

Loss of Brain Function, Adrenaline

Sometimes when people go through a stressful situation, they lose their ability to think straight. They are quick to snap on someone or fight over irrelevant stuff they might find while snooping. I’m guilty of over-thinking clues that I might find in order to make a meaningless point.

Excess adrenaline and cortisol, what’s known as the fight-or-flight response, is brought on by snooping and sends blood rushing to the major organs and extremities, leaving less for the frontal lobe, the part of the brain responsible for problem solving and other high-level cognitive function.

So resist your urge to pry and if you can’t, the best advice seems to be to leave the situation that causes you to snoop!

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