We’ve watched her grow up from being Destiny’s Child to a woman with Motivation and now singer Kelly Rowland is tapping into her entrepreneurial side and hitting us with her highly anticipated Sexy Abs fitness DVD. Along with her friend and trainer, acclaimed fitness expert Jeanette Jenkins, Kelly aims to help us all get like her with 42 minutes of intense ab workouts. Now of course you’re thinking this is just another celebrity get richer quicker scheme, but we’ve got three reasons why we’re excited about Kelly’s DVD and you should be too!

Perfect Timing

It’s that time of year again, no not Thanksgiving or Christmas, it’s time for the annual “The holidays are here so I can fill my face and cover it up with the layers in my winter wardrobe” gluttony fest. Of course what ends up happening is that after the fest is over we realize summer is fast approaching and need to shed the extra pounds…quick! With Kelly releasing her ab workout during the holiday season we can stay fit all winter long and not have to worry about how we’re going to get bikini ready in 2 weeks.

Our Abs Are Our Frenemy

When it comes to body parts most of us love to hate abs definitely hold the top spot. No matter how many crunches we do, sometimes it just never seems like it’s enough and that’s usually because we’re just doing them and not targeting specific zones. Enter Kelly’s DVD. During what we’re sure is going to be the most intense 42 minutes ever, Kelly and Jeanette show you exercises that specifically target your love handles, burn fat and sculpt, define and tone your abs.


Have you seen Kelly’s abs? No really, have you seen Kelly’s abs?! Ms. Rowland has been looking nothing short of hot these days and has had no problem letting the world know that it’s all because of the intense workout sessions she has with her trainer Jeanette. Since most of us can’t afford a session with Jeanette, taking advantage of the workouts on the DVD will give us a small piece of what Kelly pays for and put us on the path to achieving her kick ass body.

Would you buy Kelly’s fitness DVD?

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  1. Yes, I would purchase Kelly’s DVD.

  2. Yes. But it would have to be $20 or less.

  3. When exactly is going to be released? Would buy it! Love her

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