Cardio is an important building blog for a workout, but ladies, let’s not forget the weights. Weight training isn’t about being manly swole. Here are three reasons every body needs some weights at least two times a week

Weight loss
Get your metabolism into gear with strength training. Since the body has to work harder to build and maintain muscle than it does fat, developing your muscles gets you closer to your weight loss goals.  If you work on developing your muscles, you can increase your metabolism by up to 15 percent. And yes, muscle is denser than fat, so it’ll weigh more, but look at it this way: for every three pounds of muscle you gain, you burn 120 calories sitting around watching The Game marathons.

Maintain bone strength and muscle mass
Thought you had to wait ‘til you were your mother’s age to worry about bone health? Nope. We lose about 1 percent of our muscle and bone strength each year after puberty. Weight training keeps all of that at bay, preventing bigger problems like osteoporosis down the road.

Improve balance
Klutzes, you may be especially interested in this one; strength training improves balance and keeps you from falling. Start throwing bicep curls and squats into your workout.

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  1. Dr. Oz said muscle and fat weight the same.

  2. A pound of muscle weighs the same as a pound of fat as the same as a pound of feathers: one pound. It does not “weigh more.” Muscle is denser, like the writer said, so it takes up less space on the body than fat, resulting in an overall bigger calorie burn & sleeker, leaner overall appearance.

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