So far, during their campaigns and debates, Republicans are mastering the art of banality. Every Republican candidate sticks to the same stript, flip-flopping so casually in front of the nation that I sometimes think we are watching an episode of Jersey Shore. Both programs are entertaining, but at least Jersey Shore doesn’t pretend to be something its not — reality.

This brings me to the what seems to be the main problem with our political system. We pay taxes to have politicians who are receiving donations from “advocacy” groups, which perpetually shuts the door on our political opinion or will and is the root of all the bureaucratic flip-flopping.

According to ABCNEWS, Newt Gingrich is latest politician to blatantly flip-flop, baldly changing his stance on President Obama’s health care bill and omitting or flat-out misrepresenting facts concerning his involvement with Health Care industry donations.

Even though Gingrich talks trash about “Obamacare,” his consulting firm he founded, Center for Health Transformation, not only agreed with many of the provisions in the 2011 Health Care bill but advocated for many of the same policies, such as the individual mandates and the transfer of medical records from paper to exclusively electronic filings.

“[CHT] actually supported imposing a mandate on those who made more than $50,000 per year.”

This is, in a way, an indictment of our political system and Obama’s health bill, showing how conservative it is and how similar Democrats and Republicans have become. Both party’s representatives in the House and Senate bring in absurd amounts of money from lobbyist and corporate sponsors, with congresspeople revolving around the corporate-government sector job market with apparent ease.

“[T]he former House speaker consulted for reportedly $1.8 million for eight years for Freddie Mac, the federally-backed mortgage giant that most conservatives say should be eliminated. While Gingrich has denied lobbying for them, he hasn’t provided a viable explanation of what kind of services he provided to an organization that he himself recently said should be abolished.”

But does anyone care? It seems like Republican voters are so brain-washed that they really could care less if corporate and wealthy donors supply money to these highly contentious Republican campaigns, which openly explain to voters how some corporations plan to gut these same voter’s savings. On the other hand, Democrats seem happy to just receive any political win, even if it’s a “falsely great” win — let’s be serious, Obama’s plan is a toddler’s step in the right direction, but all it really adds up to is 40 million new customers for insurance companies, which will figure out new, cynical ways to deny people full coverage.

Do you care if politicians debate health care policy while at the same time receiving donations from health care firms? Who do you think or want to challenge President Obama is 2012?

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