Sometimes men will go to any length to bring back the 1950’s woman: barefoot, in the kitchen, and raising kids. No one could have imagined what Dalwara Singh would do to make sure his wife, Jaspreet Singh Gill, stayed away in the house out of the streets.

Singh, who works as a food factory production manager, admitted to a Leicester Crown Court in the United Kingdom that he administered steroids to his wife through her daily meals so she would eventually gain weight, hopefully forcing her to stay at their house and focus solely on her domestic responsibilities.

According to reports, the mother of two developed all the signs associated with raised testosterone levels — facial hair, acne, loss of hair, and muscle — but her husband told her not to seek help. Instead he watched the steroids work to perfection, preparing her meals everyday.

Singh reportedly had no shame in trying to turn his wife into a man, admitting he intended to injure her with a poisonous substance for over three months.

Luckily, their seventeen-year old daughter caught Singh crushing the steroids in his wife’s food, alerting the mom of her father’s shady dealings. Accordingly, Mrs. Singh took the medicine cabinets and closets in her home where she found the anabolic steroids, Anapolon and Dianabol.

A UK court levied a two-year suspended sentence, with supervision, ordering Singh to attend a domestic abuse program instead of serving 12-month jail sentence.

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