I don’t think when the Commodores made the song “Brick House” they thought anyone would take it literally. In the weirdest health story of the year, a transgender psuedo-plastic surgeon named O’neal Ron Morris injected a young Florida woman with a concoction of cement, superglue, and tyre sealant.

According to reports, Morris performed a procedure on an unidentified woman in May 2010, injecting her backside with cement, mineral oil, and tyre sealant, before sealing the wound with superglue, a procedure that cost $700, which obviously accounted for labor on top of the expense of getting the necessary items mentioned above at the local hardware shop.

Shortly after the procedure, Morris’ victim began to experience severe abdominal pain and developed infected sores on her buttocks and although she was admitted to hospital on two separate occasions, she left both times as she was too ashamed to tell doctors about the source of her embarrassing ailments.

The victim should really known there was something fishy with just a quick glance at the person who was performing the procedure in the first place. Morris has also performed the same procedure on him/herself with disastrous results.

Police eventually became aware of what Morris was up to when the victim’s mother took her to another hospital for treatment and shocked doctors alerted the Department of Health.

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