The average American gets one fifth of their daily caloric intake from beverages. Unfortunately, those drinks aren’t usually healthy protien shakes or fresh fruit juices; sugary sodas, sports drinks, fruit drinks, and sugary tea and coffee beverages are the primary sources of these calories…no bueno!

While milkshakes or sodas may be obvious offenders, it’s easy to mindlessly sip too many cups of orange juice at breakfast (“But it’s healthy!”) or to overindulge in high calorie coffee treats at Starbucks (“I need the energy!”); be mindful of your beverage intake in the same way you watch your food! 

Experts recommend that you drink no more than 11 percent of your calories AND that those calories should come from drinks with some health benefit (i.e. a no-sugar-added juice, milk or soy beverages). Zero calorie drinks, such as water and tea, should make up the majority of your daily liquid intake. Don’t let Pepsi or Dunkin’ Donuts derail an otherwise healthy diet! Enjoy the sugary drinks in moderation. 


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