Just in case you needed another reason to put down your syrupy soft drink and save your waistline, a new review of existing research finds that those diet sodas that are supposed to be helping you cut calories actually use common sugar substitutes called sorbitol and xylitol that can literally melt your teeth over time. The Guardian, recently wrote an article on a study review in the British Dental Journal that found that sugar-free foods and drinks contain acidic additives that may cause dental problems, gastric problems and are unlikely to promote weight loss.

According to Professor Damien Walmsley:

“Excess use of sugar-free products containing fruit flavorings could rot the enamel covering the dentine in teeth and ultimately cause teeth to dissolve.”

Dissolve? As in disappear? Considering that diet sodas market themselves as a healthy alternative to regular soda, you would think beverage companies would post these harmful side effects on their labels so consumers could be fully educated on their purchase. The authors of the study review agree and have said, “As the use of sorbitol and xylitol containing products increases, the public should be educated on the hidden risk of dental erosion due to acidic additives, as well as the adverse effects of gastric disturbance and osmotic diarrhoea.”

Clearly beverage companies are more worried about their profits and are in no hurry to help you make the right decisions. Until legislation is passed by the FDA requiring companies to disclose these harmful effects, when it comes to watching your health the only person you can trust is you. Being diligent and researching ingredients before buying can not only save your teeth, but your life as well. So skip the diet soda, actually skip soda altogether…your smile will thank you later.


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